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Welcome! My name is David, I’m a copywriter, a full-stack digital strategist, and an objective achieve coach. In most of my time, I get involved in people and companies’ development – especially startups.

However fancy it may sound, you need to know one simple thing about me: I’m an optimist and in everything I do I put at least a gram of the optimism I live.

Throughout the years, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of things, from running to public speaking, from writing books to acting, from freelancing to cold showers. And I can say that goals and deadlines are, for me, key elements in developing beyond the comfort zone.

I’m inspired by people who are disciplined, precisely because I’m not. I’ve learned to work in a controlled chaos and I think the way I manage to make things work has to do with a lot of pragmatism and fantastically little theory.

Furthermore, I’m dyslexic and that makes me think that life is more than words and the passion that people put into their actions actually creates stories with which the soul, the mind and the body resonate.

What I’ve done until now

I believe that for me, the personal and professional adventures have common points, and both started somewhere in 2009 when I was 18 years old. I will try to keep things as brief as possible and mention things that I look forward to and I am very pleased with.

  • I ran a marathon, half-marathon and ultra marathon (in this order) and raised funds for various causes – the first two in Bucharest, the ultra-marathon on Transfăgărăşan (64 km);
  • I wrote 3 books (only two are already published and only in digital format) – you can find them on Amazon.
  • In 2009, I started writing about some personal frustrations on a blog hidden from the world and I came to help companies sell their products and services;
  • I spoke in public to events like TEDxYouth in front of over 200 people and I organized personal development workshops;
  • In 2017 I set a challenge for each month and I had results like 250 km of running, 90 minutes of cold showers, 2,700 squats and more – the whole list here.

What I’m doing right now

Continuing on the above-mentioned activities, I’m currently dealing with the following:

  • I write articles in English on this blog and all kinds of texts on various styles (dramaturgy, SF, comedy, etc);
  • I’m coaching/mentoring entrepreneurs and helping them overcome the obstacles to their entrepreneurial adventure;
  • I’m developing digital marketing and branding strategies, linked to corporate goals, and help implement them;
  • I’m going to Latin dance classes (salsa and bachata);
  • I’m running once a week to keep my body in shape – without having a specific objective.

What I plan for the near future

For the next 3-12 months, the things I want to do are pretty clear to me.

  • Print and publish all three books in English;
  • Create online courses;
  • Travel – two projects here: one for two weeks on an ocean cruise with all sorts of digital nomads and another for two months on a solo journey by train across Europe;
  • Move to Spain for 3-6 months;
  • Learn to dance Salsa and eventually participate in a dance contest.

How can we collaborate?

When you need my help and want to collaborate in the coaching/mentoring direction, I recommend you go to the Work with David page and fill in the form.

Follow me on Instagram if you want to keep an eye on my activities and daily struggle.