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Stretch that muscle

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I’m always going to force people into doing greater things because that’s the way they’re going to stretch that muscle. Our whole organism structure doesn’t only has the body’s muscles, but it also has the mental and emotional ones. And when you’re doing something that you’re not used to doing (different types of effort that you [...]

Why thoughts and thinking should be part of your meditation process

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When it comes to meditation, its general purpose can be spelled out in many ways. It may be relaxation, self-knowledge, self-awareness, and so on. But from most points of view, meditation is supposed to help you clear your mind and leave you with no thoughts. For Tim Ferriss, “meditation, or mindfulness practice, it's really about, decreasing [...]

I BELIEVE – 13 core values, perspectives, and mindsets to live by

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Three months have passed since I’ve written anything and it feels like a burden to write something again. So, I’m thinking about starting small, with a short article about things that have helped me until now — things that I’m living my life by. 01. Feeling others’ vibe and being able to absorb it is crucial [...]

The decision of focusing only on the positive

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Recently, I was talking with a friend about some landing page I created copy for. It was about public speaking and this friend of mine recommended that I should use phrases and keywords like ‘speaking in front of crowds is paralyzing you?’ or ‘are you shitting your pants when you have to speak on stage?’. I [...]

You should buy what people aren’t selling

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We live in a society of consumerism. Everyone is trying to sell something to everyone. And there’s a small part of everyone that is able to develop products that can help others. For example, an entrepreneur who’s been struggling in the last 10 years and now he believes he can help others to overcome some entrepreneurial [...]

The art of asking questions in discovering oneself better

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If you have ever felt like your life is not what it was supposed to be, then asking yourself some questions is going to bring you some closure. You may feel like your world is ending, your time is up, or like there is nothing left for you to do with your life. It means the [...]