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[HOW-TO] Learn Fast – 10 Smartass Methods For Speed Learning

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Since the beginning of this year, I’ve had two activities where my learning process was boosted. I’ve learned English (it’s not my native language) and I’ve learned dancing. In three months, my English went from average to fluent and in one month, my dancing went from zero to knowing the basic steps and having an ease [...]

[GROWTH] The Importance Of The Unknown For Self-Improvement

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“This month I visited 4 cities. Haven’t visited 3 of them until now, and one of those 3 is outside my home country. I don’t know what to believe or feel, but to know is to be in control. I feel different and I haven’t known before this type of *different*. I’m glad it exists.” I [...]

[WHY] I’ve Decided To Fail This Month’s Challenge

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If you don’t know, for this year I’ve set myself 12 challenges – one each month. This month challenge was about approaching strangers and listening to their stories. And I’ve decided to fail it. Why? I got bored, but hear me out. I Did It Only For 3 Days The first day I went outside, excited [...]

[EXPLORE] 6 Things To Do In VALENCIA In Less Than 20 Hours With Super Low Budget

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After a friend insisted (like a madman) that I should travel, I picked up a random destination and went abroad for the first time. It was only for two days and I walked more than 25 km. I do consider myself an explorer because, most of the times, I was walking on the streets where tourists [...]

Small Talk #1 Fuck School!

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Recently, I was talking with a friend on Facebook and I really enjoyed the conversation. Though it's a short conversation, I think it has a little value. Realizing this, I thought I should share it on my blog, with my readers. So, from now on I'm starting another category of posts, called 'small talk'. Small Talk #1 [...]

[RELATIONS] 3 Things About People That Will Make You Reconsider Your Social Circle

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Lately, I’ve started analyzing people and the relationships I have with people. And because people are different, I’ve had lots of fun analyzing how they’re interacting with me and with each other. Moreover, I’ve discovered that people are mean and selfish. Yeah, like this was a secret. Haha. So, I’ve found three things about people that [...]