[EXPERIENCE] For Once, Try and Be What You Should’ve Become

I’m writing the today’s article thinking about the period between September 2014 and May 2015.

My mind is over there because in that period of time I was enrolled in an acting class. That experience was so intense I still feel it at the same intensity, but as a memory.

Moreover, that experience was so powerful I would like to have a role in a play or a movie. I and the other students tried to create our own play, but we didn’t manage to finish anything.

Recently, at the beginning of March 2017, I saw on Facebook an ad where some agency was recruiting actors for a movie. I didn’t know the director of that movie and I’m not at all informed when it comes to movie, theater or art.

And guess what? I went to the preselection.

The preselection implies a simple presence at a photo session, so the movie’s director can see your face. And if he considers your face is fit for the movie, then you go to some auditions.

The idea is this.

If I haven’t had the experience from the acting class, for sure I wouldn’t like acting that much. Moreover, the intensity of that acting class experience gave me the courage to go to the preselection and take some goddamn photos.

I don’t know what will happen next. I don’t have any expectation, but I’ve opened a door.

As good as that, I could’ve stayed home. But I chose to try to be one of the things I could become.

The Runner Who Became an Accountant

While writing the article, in my mind pops an ultra-marathonist which, for a big part of his life, was an accountant.

Dean Karnazes is the ultra-marathonist which, at the age of 15, gave up his dream of becoming an athlete. The reason? His coach.

For another 15 years, he followed the life of an accountant.

Of course, he managed to set records, but he lived 15 years doing something totally opposed to his dream. One of his records is a run of 580 km without stopping.

However unpleasant that situation was, he opened the door of accounting and followed that road for 15 years. If he didn’t open that door, he could’ve continued his athlete career. Or, even worse, he could’ve done (and become) nothing.

Whatever You Do, Open a Door

In other words, look for experiences.

Look for experiences that will help you discover yourself. Try at least!

Look for experiences that will help you develop yourself. Try at least!

Look for experiences that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Try at least!

Look for experiences and try.

I’m Not Happy // I Don’t Have Money // I Don’t Have Friends // etc

If you’ve said something like that to me in the last few months, then you should know that I wrote this article thinking about you.

I’ve analyzed every individual which told me that he hasn’t or he isn’t. I analyzed myself in the moments when I said I haven’t or I wasn’t.  I noticed that we all have one thing in common.

The incapacity of taking action.

In every of the above situations (happiness, money, relationships) the action step is missing.

It’s not important how you managed not to have them. It’s important what you do to get them back.

Thereby, my advice for you is this: stop thinking (I know you are actually overthinking) about what’s missing.

Instead, start thinking about what you want to have in your life and find specific steps to get these things. Invest 10 mins every day in achieving your objectives – getting the things you want to have in your life.

You’ll say that 10 minutes are not enough. Again, stop thinking and try! Try to daily invest 10 mins in yourself for one year then come back and tell me you didn’t have any results.

I’m sure you’ll have extraordinary results.

Try. Actually (if you really thing about it – and this time it’s important to think about it) you have nothing to lose.


Be the person you should’ve become.

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