Reviewing 2017 and setting goals for 2018

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For 2017, I set myself some objectives and after my calculations, it seems I achieved 65% of what I set myself, generally speaking. By achieving this percent, I’ve actually done the following, in 2017: Run 250km (155 miles); Did 90 mins of cold showers; Read books / listened to podcasts for 65 hours; Wrote a book [...]

[CHALLENGE] 2700 squats in December

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I have finally finished the December’s challenge and I’m feeling not as I’ve supposed I’ll feel. It’s weird. Maybe because it’s also the last challenge of this year. But let’s move on to what December’s challenge was all about and do some math. I had to do 200 push-ups daily, except the last 7 days where [...]

[CHALLENGE] Pomodoro’s lack of efficiency for passionate people

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The month that has just passed was important for me for two reasons: I’ve got a 9 to 6 job and started the Pomodoro challenge. Moreover, I believe the 9 to 6 job timed really well with this challenge. But I failed it! And I decided to fail it because it brings me a tremendous lack [...]

[CHALLENGE] Over 25k Staircases Climbed in October

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As you may know already, 2017 is the year I’ve started adding some challenges into my lifestyle. October was all about climbing staircases, the daily target being set at 1.000 staircases. Though I’ve had some struggles and I haven’t done it every single day, I’m satisfied with my results. In short, I was expecting to climb [...]

[CHALLENGE] 30 Days of Meditation

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For me, this month included a lot of meditation. More than I was used with. I had to meditate for 30 days, two times a day, somewhere around 30 minutes each session. But it went really differently than I expected because the plan was to have a 30-minute session early in the morning and another one [...]

[CHALLENGE] Over 400 KM in June on Bicycle

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Today I’ve just finished the 6th challenge of this year and I’m so happy it’s over. I didn’t reach my goal simply because cycling 50 km every day is too painful for my butt. So, my initial goal was to cycle 50 km every day, except for the last 7 days where I would have to [...]