[CHALLENGE] 30 Days of Meditation

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For me, this month included a lot of meditation. More than I was used with. I had to meditate for 30 days, two times a day, somewhere around 30 minutes each session. But it went really differently than I expected because the plan was to have a 30-minute session early in the morning and another one [...]

[CHALLENGE] Over 400 KM in June on Bicycle

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Today I’ve just finished the 6th challenge of this year and I’m so happy it’s over. I didn’t reach my goal simply because cycling 50 km every day is too painful for my butt. So, my initial goal was to cycle 50 km every day, except for the last 7 days where I would have to [...]

[WHY] I’ve Decided To Fail This Month’s Challenge

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If you don’t know, for this year I’ve set myself 12 challenges – one each month. This month challenge was about approaching strangers and listening to their stories. And I’ve decided to fail it. Why? I got bored, but hear me out. I Did It Only For 3 Days The first day I went outside, excited [...]

[CHALLENGE] 30 Days With 3.000 Words Written Every Day

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This was the 4th challenge of this year and I’m so excited about my results. I had to write 3.000 words every day for 30 days, except the last 7 days when the challenge should’ve doubled and write 6.000 words. Would’ve been a total of 111.000 words. Quite crazy, right? […]

[CHALLENGE] 31 Days With 2 Hours Of Reading Books In English

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** Why in English? It’s not my first language. Today I’m finishing the 3rd challenge of this year. I was supposed to read every day for 2 hours, except the last 7 days where I should’ve doubled the challenge and read for 4 hours. I’m not that kind of guy who loves reading daily. I consider [...]

[EXPERIMENT] How To Become Immune To Criticism And Boost Your Inner Power

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Recently, I’ve discovered this experiment on The Tim Ferriss Show. A podcast where Dr. Phil Zimbardo was invited and, at some point, they mentioned an interesting experiment. During the podcast, Tim talks about the 7 social processes developed by the Dr. Phil Zimbardo in his book, “The Lucifer Effect.” #1: Mindlessly taking the first step #2: [...]