[EXPERIMENT] How To Become Immune To Criticism And Boost Your Inner Power

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Recently, I’ve discovered this experiment on The Tim Ferriss Show. A podcast where Dr. Phil Zimbardo was invited and, at some point, they mentioned an interesting experiment. During the podcast, Tim talks about the 7 social processes developed by the Dr. Phil Zimbardo in his book, “The Lucifer Effect.” #1: Mindlessly taking the first step #2: [...]

[CHALLENGE] 28 Days with 10 Km Runs

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As you should know by now, this year I’ve set myself to challenge my lifestyle. January was with cold showers and this month is with running. February should’ve looked like this: 10 km ran every day, except the last 7 days where I should’ve run 20 km every day. It would’ve been a total of 340 [...]

[CHALLENGE] 31 Days with 3 Mins of Cold Showers

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It was fun, interesting, unusual and all sorts of stuff. But I don’t enjoy them anymore. Today was the last day of this month and as well the last day of my cold showers challenge. I would also have them for the next month, but I’m tired of feeling cold. I’m not saying I’m not going [...]

[GET-INSPIRED] 12 Challenges to Change Your Life in 2017

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I’m thinking about the importance of all the experiences a human being can have. I’m thinking about the importance of each experience for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development. And I realized that each experience is truly important, with different and unique benefits. The more challenging the experiences are, the more impact their results will have [...]