[PEOPLE] How To Regain Trust and Rebuild Relationships

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From time to time, I happen to be part of relationships that are fucked up by one of the persons involved. I’m quite an impulsive person and most of the relationships I ruined until now happened because I spoke too soon and I didn’t do it with the right manner. So, before moving on and sharing [...]

[HOW-TO] Learn Fast – 10 Smartass Methods For Speed Learning

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Since the beginning of this year, I’ve had two activities where my learning process was boosted. I’ve learned English (it’s not my native language) and I’ve learned dancing. In three months, my English went from average to fluent and in one month, my dancing went from zero to knowing the basic steps and having an ease [...]

[HOW-TO] Overcome the Writer’s Block and Work Efficiently

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For this year, I’ve set myself twelve challenges. For this month, I have to write 3000 words every day, except the last 7 days of the month – the challenge will be doubled and I’ll have to write 6000 words every day. I’ve decided that I’m going to write a new book. Today is the 14th [...]

[HOW-TO] Stop Worrying and Move On with Your Life

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Life is like an abstract painting. If you’re trying to understand it from the first time, you’ll probably fail. But if you put more effort and really try to understand it, you’ll realize there are more ways to enjoy it. Let’s start this article with a key question: What Are You Worrying For? I’ve been asking [...]

[HOW-TO] Develop Online Small Mastermind Groups & Learn Lots of Things with ZERO Investment

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I’ve always wanted to learn more and to develop myself more. But, at the same time, I’ve always thought that learning is an individual process. Therefore, when I was learning something, I was doing it by myself. I quit school two times because of its bad system and promised myself I’ll never go back. I quit [...]