Stretch that muscle

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I’m always going to force people into doing greater things because that’s the way they’re going to stretch that muscle. Our whole organism structure doesn’t only has the body’s muscles, but it also has the mental and emotional ones. And when you’re doing something that you’re not used to doing (different types of effort that you [...]

I BELIEVE – 13 core values, perspectives, and mindsets to live by

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Three months have passed since I’ve written anything and it feels like a burden to write something again. So, I’m thinking about starting small, with a short article about things that have helped me until now — things that I’m living my life by. 01. Feeling others’ vibe and being able to absorb it is crucial [...]

[DISCIPLINE] The super-power generated by one’s patience

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Lately, I’ve been surrounded by people I can help. I guess I’ve become this person who’s looking for people’s obstacles and I’m trying to help them overcome every little one. That’s just who I am. And while I was analyzing the struggles of a friend a few days ago, I’ve discovered something about patience. Something that [...]

[GRATITUDE] The power of being vulnerable

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I remember I’ve always feared to interact with other people. You have to open yourself, share personal information with others, and you believe most of your personal information is weird and nobody will understand it. That was me. That was the way I was thinking a few years ago. But everything changed when I actually did [...]

[STRUGGLE] When you are encountering unpleasant situations, reverse attitude

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Have you ever been in an unpleasant situation? Of course you were – we all did. And the first thing you thought doing was to get out as fast as possible from that situation, right? But the more you run from it, the more it will affect you the second time you’ll encounter it. Unfortunately, there [...]

[HAPPINESS] The Success of Inner Peace is Underestimated

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I’ve always been looking for ways to improve my mental health and I’m sure you’ve been too. I mean, who wants to be sad or depressed? But there’s one thing most people aren’t doing. People are not trying to become successful happy, they are just trying to become sometimes happy. The Exaggerated Effort People Put Into [...]