[BELIEFS] Everything is in Your Head. Why Not Make Your Life Positive?

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I truly believe this is the most powerful conscious thought one can experience. When you realize you are the creator of your own thoughts, you will become more relaxed. The thing is, nobody is putting any negative thought inside your mind. You are doing it yourself. At least, I’ve never heard a conversation such as the [...]

[BELIEFS] Your Life is Already Decided … by Your Subconscious

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A few weeks ago, I was discussing with a friend about how we are able to achieve things. He was saying that he has to work a lot, while I was saying that if I want to achieve something, either it's a change or anything else, I just focus my attention towards what I want to [...]

[LIFE] The Fear of Letting Go

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Disclaimer: This article is a dialog with myself, so treat it likewise.   I’ve always been looking for opportunities. I’ve always wanted to do more and better. And you may say there’s nothing wrong. Well, there isn’t. Or at least I think so. But the more you do, the more you control what’s happening in your [...]

[GROWTH] The Importance Of The Unknown For Self-Improvement

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“This month I visited 4 cities. Haven’t visited 3 of them until now, and one of those 3 is outside my home country. I don’t know what to believe or feel, but to know is to be in control. I feel different and I haven’t known before this type of *different*. I’m glad it exists.” I [...]

[EXPERIENCE] For Once, Try and Be What You Should’ve Become

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I’m writing the today’s article thinking about the period between September 2014 and May 2015. My mind is over there because in that period of time I was enrolled in an acting class. That experience was so intense I still feel it at the same intensity, but as a memory. Moreover, that experience was so powerful [...]

[MINDSET] 3 Differences Between Optimists And Dreamers

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I think that many people consider themselves as optimists, when they are only dreamers. I’ve always been an optimist and I’ll always be. But when I share ideas with others that consider themselves optimists, I can notice how some things are missing. A few years ago, when I was experiencing the public speaking for the first [...]