[CHALLENGE] 30 Days With 3.000 Words Written Every Day

This was the 4th challenge of this year and I’m so excited about my results.

I had to write 3.000 words every day for 30 days, except the last 7 days when the challenge should’ve doubled and write 6.000 words.

Would’ve been a total of 111.000 words. Quite crazy, right?

Let’s Check My Results

I think I wrote around 60.000 words. How did it happen?

Days 1-17: 3.000 words every day

Days 18-19: break

Day 20: 2.000 words and finished the book

Well, there are 53.000 words. Why did I stop and what happened on the other days?

First of all, I achieved my goal of writing a book. I thought I would’ve written more, but I guess 53.000 words are enough.

Between the 21st and 30th days, I’ve written something else, but not as important.

Also, I’ve written 6 more articles and started an eBook (it’s already at 3.000 words from 6-7k).

But there’s one exception. I’ve done something valuable after I finished the book – I’ve started working on a crowdfunding campaign. It will be launched between 7th and 10th days of this month, so stay put.

Am I happy with my results?

Hell yeah!

Though I haven’t written every day, I managed to write a book in less than 20 days and start other projects that I’m really excited about.

My Thoughts’ Timeline

I’ve taken some notes and shared some thoughts with some friends.

Here’s my thoughts’ timeline for the first 20 days of this challenge.

Day 1

Today I’ve started the challenge where I have to write 3.000 words every day. Today I’ve written them in two hours. Fuck yeah!

Day 2

Another 3.000 words written today also. And it took me 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Yesterday I experienced the writer’s block at 2.000 words. Today at 1.500. I experience it when I don’t know what to write anymore – having in mind that when I start writing I already know what to write.

The interesting part is related to the value of what I’m writing. After experiencing the writer’s block and overcoming it, the information is more valuable. Man, my subconscious is really doing well.

Day 3

Another 3.000 words – this time the fastest. 1 hour and 40 minutes without experiencing any block.

I’ve just realized that I could write more daily. I won’t focus more on the book, but shift my attention to some articles.

Day 4

When you wake up at 6:30 in the morning to start writing and you realize you’re usually sleeping at that hour.

Another 3.000 words finished.

Day 5

This was a morning with a huge lack of energy. Nevertheless, I’ve written 3250 words for the book.

Day 6

I don’t have any moooore energy for wriiitiiinnggg! :))

Today I’ve taken 2-3 breaks so I can generate new ideas. After 6 days of writing, I have 18.000 words written.

“Shift To Passion” has somewhere around 25.000 words and it took me 2 months to write it. I find it funny.

*Shift To Passion is a book that I wrote last year and in a few days will be published on Amazon.

Day 7

Another 3.000 words.

From today’s text, I’ve chosen to share with you a little piece.

Unwanted given help generates undesirable changes. Helping others means changing them. If others are looking for help (or to change) they will find it (either at me or at somebody else).

Day 8

Yes, I’m still writing. I’ve taken a little break at 1.500 words.

Day 9

I’ve experienced so much the writer’s block these days, it should’ve been sick of me.

*I wrote an article about the techniques I used to overcome the writer’s block. Check it here: [HOW-TO] Overcome the Writer’s Block and Work Efficiently

Day 11

In 11 days, 33.000 words.

Here’s a little sample of today’s content.

The word ‘hate’ is used as the most powerful negative word and it’s associated with a negative emotion. We use it because it’s handy.

It’s easier to say you hate someone or something instead of realizing what’s the feeling you have towards someone or something.

Day 14

I’m in the middle of this month challenge. My word doc is showing me some statistics.

Day: 14
Pages: 141
Words: 41,930
Paragraphs: 2,211
Lines: 4,183

Day 20

After 20 days of writing (except days 18 and 19) I’ve finished the book.

I’ve written what I had to write. There are 53.000 words. It feels weird – it was too easy.


So, that’s all regarding my book.

I’ll have to translate it and give it to a friend to proofread it. But having in mind that I’ve started working on this crowdfunding project, I think it will be ready (hopefully) by the end of this year.

Also, if you expected to find more about my writing process, there’s none. Only the thoughts I just shared with you. I remember sitting down at my desk and writing. That’s all.

What About My Monthly Challenges?

Well, I’ve noticed something.

If my challenge is related to a major goal, after achieving the goal I’m not as focused as I should be on the challenge.

It happened with reading books and it happened this month again, with writing. Simply because I had only one major goal, after achieving it I lost focus.

So, from now on I’ll set two or three major goals inside a challenge so I can focus on it until the last day.

If you want to check its introduction, here’s a link: http://davidtheoptimist.com/resources/introduction_first_draft_new_book_2017.pdf

What’s Next?

May is the month when I’ll meet strangers.

I’ll simply go outside and approach strangers. I expect to become better at talking to humans I don’t know. Also, two major goals related to May’s challenge are these: an eBook and the crowdfunding project I mentioned a few times here.

If you want to check my whole list of challenges for 2017, click here.

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