[CHALLENGE] Over 400 KM in June on Bicycle

Today I’ve just finished the 6th challenge of this year and I’m so happy it’s over.

I didn’t reach my goal simply because cycling 50 km every day is too painful for my butt.

So, my initial goal was to cycle 50 km every day, except for the last 7 days where I would have to double the challenge.


But first, let’s check my results.

414 Km in less than 30 days

Day 1: 34.7 km
Day 2: None
Day 3: 15 km
Day 4: 46.8 km
Day 5: 15 km
Day 6: 26.2 km
Day 7: 20 km
Day 8: 19.6 km
Day 9: 14.9 km
Day 10: None
Day 11: 15 km
Day 12: 18.8 km
Day 13: 15.2 km
Days 14-16: Accident
Day 17: 8.1 km
Day 18: None
Day 19: 15.6 km
Day 20: 18 km
Day 21: 10.9 km
Day 22: 16 km
Day 23: 15.3 km
Day 24: None
Day 25: 15.3 km
Day 26: 15.5 km
Day 27: 17.4 km
Day 28: 15.6 km
Day 29: 10.1 km
Day 30: 15 km

A total of 414 km. And I’m really proud of my achievement considering how much I’ve hated this challenge.

Actually, hate is a too powerful word. I don’t hate cycling – I hate to have my ass hurt from my bicycle saddle. That was really annoying.

After cycling for like 45-60 mins, I was started to feel like I needed to take a break.

On the 4th day, when I cycled almost 50 km, I stopped 3 times.

Moreover, I was absolutely weird not to have my legs tired at all, but to feel discomfort from the bicycle saddle.

On short, that was my experience with this month’s challenge.

I’ve got nothing more to say.

Oh, except one thing. For three days, from 14th to 16th, I had to take a break because I fell over my bicycle. Haha!

Here’s a photo with my knee and some blood.

Today, my bike betrayed me. Now I love her even more. #bikehappens #accident #idiot #blood #summer #cycling

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That was fun, at least while the adrenaline was kicking in. The next day it wasn’t fun anymore.

A Few Random Thoughts Related To Challenges and Discipline

I was looking at my results from my first month (cold showers) or my fourth month (writing) and I’m amazed how great my results were.

I don’t feel like I’ve had the same results this month.

I think I’m not that much into cycling and I love that I discovered it. One more thing added to the ‘know myself’ list.

So, it makes me think about discipline as well.

It’s really hard to be disciplined (though I cycled 23 of 30 days) if you don’t love the activity related to the domain you’re tried to become disciplined in.

I enjoy riding my bicycle from time to time, but I hate the discomfort I have from sitting too much time on that saddle.

And I’ve got to say it is quite comfortable. Or is it? I don’t know.

By the way, here’s my bicycle.

Enjoying the #silence.

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What’s Next?

Well, July is a month dedicated to meditation. So, I’ll have to meditate for one hour daily.

I think it’s going to be cool and this challenge is going to help me discover myself even more.

I’ll keep you updated!

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