Small Talk #1 Fuck School!

Recently, I was talking with a friend on Facebook and I really enjoyed the conversation.

Though it’s a short conversation, I think it has a little value. Realizing this, I thought I should share it on my blog, with my readers.

So, from now on I’m starting another category of posts, called ‘small talk’.

Small Talk #1 Fuck School!


It’s so sad that sometimes you witness injustices and you just can’t talk.

It’s so sad when a friend of yours tells you that he/she intended to run for a position that is offered to everyone, but was shut down immediately from the advisor.

It’s so sad that he/she was told that someone else is already running.

It’s so sad that an opportunity introduced as equal is not given equally!

It’s so sad when you know what it right and wrong, but you can’t do anything about it.

It’s so sad when your friend doesn’t want to talk because is afraid that that advisor might ruin his/her college life.

It’s so sad that that advisor still continues to work and “advise” the future generations.

It’s so sad that these things still happen in 2017!


Fuck college. Life’s bigger than that. Just keep your mood positive.


But isn’t the college the place where everything starts? The place where you discover yourself and get ready for the real world? NOT TALKING now means that in the future you will get used to what is not fair and accept it.


Nope, that’s not where everything starts. It’s just one path. If one’s struggle, then one should find alternatives.

Regarding the above-described situation – it’s just politics. Frustrating over it means losing energy. Focus that energy on something that can help you (the person involved) find another path.


It’s violating rights and not respecting others. Doesn’t matter where it happens. It is still wrong.


Stop focusing on things that are making you sad.

People will never be as you want them to be. Guess what? Only you can be the way you want to be.


You are right! But that advisor hurt me a lot and is hurting other people as well.

I feel I have to do something but I feel I have no options.


Fuck him. :)) Either do something about the bastard or move on.

Would have you approached the situation differently? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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