[CHALLENGE] 30 Days of Meditation

For me, this month included a lot of meditation. More than I was used with.

I had to meditate for 30 days, two times a day, somewhere around 30 minutes each session. But it went really differently than I expected because the plan was to have a 30-minute session early in the morning and another one right before nighty-night time.

It seems that I wasn’t able to do it like that.

I’m not that type of person who can simply sit in one spot and have empty thoughts. The way I’ve meditated is like this: whenever I felt doing it or whenever I felt like “I want to think about this or feel that” I was just meditating.

In these past 30 days, I’ve meditated during lunch, before going to sleep, right after waking up, while doing cold showers, while running, while dancing, while waiting and so on.

I’ve meditated in so many different situations and I believe that’s the most interesting part.

Also, another thing that got my attention is that in order to meditate, it has to be challenging. Otherwise, I won’t do it. Otherwise, I’ll get bored.

What do I mean by that?

For me, going through that state of meditation is like being able to hear your thoughts as clear as you can. So there’s only you and your thoughts, and there’s nothing else.

The way you create a challenge out of this is when you put yourself in a noisy environment and then you start meditating.

So I was at my dancing classes and I was waiting for mine to start because I arrived there earlier. While I was waiting, I started meditating because I had nothing else to do. But at the same time, the music was really loud. That was the moment when I considered meditation a challenge.

Right in that moment, I started meditating. I did it for like 5 or 10 minutes.

While doing it, more people were joining the room. Also, the music was really loud – yeah, I’ve mentioned this before; that’s how loud the music was.

I remember that at one point I was really being into my meditation mental state. In that moment, a colleague from the dancing classes came at me and clapped her hands really loud right next to my ears, because she wanted to make fun of me, scare me, or something like that.

But I didn’t move a muscle.

That’s when I’ve become conscious about my meditation skills and I’m so grateful for that – it’s a really powerful feeling.

Also, in that moment I knew what she did and at the same time I was able to ignore it by not paying attention to it. Everything in my mind was so clear.

It was like I was in my mental universe, where only I and my thought exist – I like to meditate on a single thought or idea. But outside this universe are other things that are happening. When all these things are trying to interact with my universe, I’m conscious about that but at the same time I ignore all about that.

This Month Challenge Has Helped Me Became More Conscious About My Chaos

During this challenge I reminded myself that I really love thinking.

I love the thinking process so much, I really love being all by myself in an empty space. This is happening because while I love empty spaces and I love being alone, at the same time I love the chaos that is happening inside my mind.

That’s something I’ve become conscious about after the challenge of this month.

Wondering How My Meditation Process Looks Like?

Well, it’s really simple and it contains a few simple steps.

  1. Find a comfortable position
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Start thinking about a specific idea or emotion that you’ve experienced lately

Also, I recommend you breaking the habit and doing it as weird as it can be done. If you manage to reach a zen state of mind when the chaos is all around you, you’ve got yourself a great achievement.

PS: I’ve meditated a few times (around 8 or 10 times) with the Insight Meditation Timer App and it felt really great. You should give it a try.

What’s Next?

August is the month when I’ll learn a foreign language – probably German.

I’ll use Duolingo and probably watch some German content on Youtube, maybe even listen to some podcasts. We’ll see how it goes.

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