Stretch that muscle

I’m always going to force people into doing greater things because that’s the way they’re going to stretch that muscle.

Our whole organism structure doesn’t only has the body’s muscles, but it also has the mental and emotional ones. And when you’re doing something that you’re not used to doing (different types of effort that you haven’t done before) after a short period of time, you’re going to feel overwhelmed.

So, the more you do it, the longer you’ll be able to do it.

The more you stretch that muscle, the more you’ll be able to do it. That’s a basic principle behind my actions of forcing people to develop themselves and do things greater than themselves.

5 things I force people doing

I usually force people doing things and right now I’m going to share with you five of them.

They’re all related to stepping out of the comfort zone and embracing life in an experimental manner. So, here we go.

1_ Get practical

People don’t usually don’t get practical. Or, if they get, they are still procrastinating.

For example, people who don’t usually read because they’re lazy and when they start reading they start reading lots and lots of books. But they never get practical about the information they’re reading.

The first step before anything is to have a practical mindset. If you only know stuff, if you only read, if you only get informed about the things you want to do but you never do them, then it’s like not knowing anything about them.

2_ Become passionate and share your passions with the whole world

Expose yourself!

When I meet people who are passionate about anything (painting, running, dancing, psychology, etc.) I’m always curious if they are sharing their passions with the world.

It’s important that others know what your passions are and what you are doing. And it’s not about being arrogant – it goes deeper than that and has something to do with you helping the world through your passion and how others evolve based on the things they learn from your passion.

Even more powerful, after you help people improve their lives through your passion, then you’re going to be able to make a living out of it. And that’s such a beautiful thing to have in your life.

3_ Embrace emotions and understand their importance for the decision-making process

At a psychological level, our actions and our lives are based on our thoughts. Moreover, our thoughts can influence emotions – so in order to understand your emotions, you need to understand your thoughts.

But your thoughts are –always– build on past experiences and because of that, before even trying to understand your emotions, try to understand your past experiences and why you did what you did one week ago, two months ago or even ten years ago.

Try to understand that and try to understand how it affects you emotionally and then you’ll be able to understand yourself as a person, which will help you build impactful things on the present moment.

4_ Discover something new regularly

This is actually experiencing and exploring on a regular basis and it has to do with all the things that I’m mentioning here.

But this is like a general mindset. If you want to discover something new regularly, you kind of have to open your mind to discover those things.

Let’s say you’re in a group of people and in order to discover them, you’ll have to open your mind. It can be scary, it can be hard, because being around people is the most uncomfortable situation you can be in, especially if you are an introvert.

Putting aside this example, discovering and being able to encounter new experiences in a regular manner should be part of your lifestyle.

5_ No matter how tough the situation gets, always smile

I was talking to a friend (I guess half a year ago) and he needed a job, he had one prepared for him but he didn’t want to do it.

He was like ‘Oh man, I have to get this job because I need the money, but I hate needing this job’.

And I replied ‘Man, if you’re going to do it and you have no choice, then go and do it with a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter how tough you think it can get, just do it with a smile on your face.

In two weeks he forced himself to smile when he was going to the job, when he was working and spending time there. And, as a result, he was capable to see the positive aspects of his job.

But smiling is not just about stretching some muscles on your face. It’s more like an attitude. So, keep in mind that it’s the attitude behind the smile that matters.

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Interested in the human potential and its capacity of changing its perspectives, David can help you make a change in your life or transform your passion into a business.

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