[MINDSET] 3 Differences Between Optimists And Dreamers

I think that many people consider themselves as optimists, when they are only dreamers.

I’ve always been an optimist and I’ll always be. But when I share ideas with others that consider themselves optimists, I can notice how some things are missing.

A few years ago, when I was experiencing the public speaking for the first time, I was asking others for advice. Doing this, I noticed two types of categories of people:

  1. The first, which was speaking from experience;
  2. The second, which was speaking from imagination.

For instance, here are some advice I was getting:

Arrive earlier so you can visit the location, the scene, and maybe meet few of the participants and talk with them.
Learn to use your emotions to connect with your audience. Your emotions are good. Better drink some alcohol before getting there so you won’t feel fear or stress.
Prepare your speech as much as you can before speaking in front of an audience. Be confident because everything will be great.
Learn to structure your speech so you can speak within the allowed time. Just go there because you will figure out what you want to say.
Connect with your audience afterward and ask them questions. Care about their needs.

All these advice were given to a 20 years old person, who didn’t have any public speaking experience and was shy.

As you may have figured out, the left ones were given by optimists, and the right ones by dreamers. The left ones were based on experience, the right ones were based on imagination.

Doing vs. Thinking

An optimist, just like a dreamer, thinks about the positive things out there.

But the difference appears when both of them have to do something. You could say that the optimist is a practical dreamer.

If you want to change something at yourself, you need to act. But in order to act, you need to think. So, if you are looking at any change, you will see that it is followed by these two steps, in this order: thinking and acting.

If you’re skipping the action step, the change will never come. Therefore, you are dreaming instead of making it happen.

Planning vs. Spontaneous Action

I’m not saying that dreamers are lazy people.

But when it comes to making action plans, they are the ones who hate planning and want to act right away. They are so spontaneous they lack patience.

And you want to know what’s the bad thing? The lack of patience will kill their dreams, which is sad.

Working vs. Waiting To Happen

Dreaming about something is mostly related to miracles.

If your dream is to reach the top of the Everest, you will never be able to reach it unless you climb the mountain.

You can do it by foot, or you can do it with a helicopter. The point here is that you have to do something in order to get something. Just waiting for it to happen (aka just dreaming about it) won’t put you on the top of the mountain.

Two Thing To Do If You’re A Dreamer

I’m not saying you are in a bad spot.

Actually, you are as positive as an optimistic person, which is amazing.

Unfortunately, there are two things that you need to do in order to achieve your dreams.

/1 STOP calling yourself a dreamer

A dreamer only dreams about stuff. It’s in his title. Otherwise, you would call yourself a doer, an achiever, or a champion.

/2 START acting

A dream is achieved only by acting. Of course, there’s thinking, planning, and many more things involved. But if acting is missing, the achievement is lacking.

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