[HOW-TO] Stop Worrying and Move On with Your Life

Life is like an abstract painting.

If you’re trying to understand it from the first time, you’ll probably fail. But if you put more effort and really try to understand it, you’ll realize there are more ways to enjoy it.

Let’s start this article with a key question:

What Are You Worrying For?

I’ve been asking a few friends from Facebook what is the thing they are worried about right now.

Gathered somewhere around 10 answers and I’ve noticed there are two categories.

People are worrying about abstract stuff and specific stuff.

For example, if you don’t know how to calm yourself down because you are impulsive, you’re worrying about abstract stuff.

If you don’t know how to make an extra $1.000 each month, you’re worried about specific stuff.

Therefore, there are two types of people – abstract and specific.

In the little research I made, I discovered there’s a third category of people – those who are worried but they are always looking for answers.

How to spot them?

You’ll always find them doing stuff. Moreover, they are asking the questions a little bit different. Those are practitioners.

For an abstract person, the question is “how can I make more friends?

For a specific person, the question is “where I can find another friend that will stick with me for the rest of my life?

For a practitioner, the question is “whatever my problem is, what can I do RIGHT NOW in order to solve it?

Why Being a Practitioner Grants You Solutions?

Simply because asking a question like a practitioner presumes you should find the immediate action step.

If you’re asking the question like a specific person, you’ll find a solution – but it doesn’t mean you’ll act on it.

If you’re asking the question like an abstract person, you won’t even find the solution. You’ll be even more confused because you won’t have a clue on how to answer your question.

But asking the question in the right way it’s not the most important thing you could do.

Even in The Worst Moments, Someone Will Be There For You

Don’t know if you realized it until now, but there’s always someone by your side.

It can be someone from your family, a friend or even a stranger. Every time you’re in trouble, there will always be someone to help you.

While writing this, I’m thinking about all the moments that I was worrying. And guess what? Every time someone was there for me.

But, unfortunately, that someone won’t be there just like that.

You’ll have to ask for help.

As Dumbledore used to say, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.

Moreover, What Are You Lacking? Money / Relationships / Happiness?

No matter how bad your situation is right now, I’m sure it was better somewhere in your past, right?

So, it means you’ve lost something.

Maybe you’ve lost money and you don’t know how to make them anymore.

Maybe you’ve lost your friends and you don’t think you’re worthy to have friends again.

Maybe you’ve lost your loved one and you don’t think you’ll ever love again.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Please know this and try to understand it: it’s not relevant how you’ve lost everything you’ve had – it’s relevant what you’ll do from now on to get what you want.

You’ve lost money? There are millions of businesses on this planet that could use your work and pay you for your effort.

You’ve lost relationships? Travel the world and discover new people and make friends.

You’ve lost your loved one? Just move on with your life and he/her will appear when you’re less expecting it.

On the other hand, if you’re just worrying and whining, that’s all you’ll get.

Stop Thinking About It!

Thinking about your problems won’t solve your problems.

You need to act. Period!

So, let’s say you don’t know how to act because you are thinking too much.

Here’s an exercise that will help you shift your thoughts into actions.

Step #1. Think out loud.

Step #2. Record your thoughts with your smartphone or another device.

Step #3. Write down one thought that you consider really negative.

Step #4. Search for an immediate action step.

Step #5. Make a plan, starting from the immediate action step.

For example, let’s say a negative thought you have is “I’m tired of being surrounded by stupid people.”

The immediate action step would be “let’s define how a smart person looks like.”

Right after that, create a list of possible places where you can go and find smart people.

Just thinking about what’s missing won’t magically bring you what you need. Start making plans and act towards them.

If You Want to Change Your Mind, Involve Your Body

Looking for a long-term change?

Better be starting to involve your body and make some exercise plans too.

I have few friends that are running a lot! One of them said to me a few days ago that when he runs, he can relax his body and mind. Otherwise, without running, he would go crazy.

I’ve noticed the same effect on me.

When I run for at least 5 km I feel really good during that day. I guess the endorphins are really struggling to make my day better.

It’s not like if you start exercising you’ll have what you want in your life. It’s more like your mood will improve and you will become a positive person.

I recommend you to read this: http://www.runningmetronome.org/6-reasons-running-improves-mood/

The same 6 principles apply to any type of exercise.

Making Things Happen Isn’t Hard

All you need to do is act.

Just that.

Act towards one direction and something will change, guaranteed.

Too easy? Well, are you looking for complex stuff? I don’t think you do.

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Keep learning and growing,

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