[HAPPINESS] The Success of Inner Peace is Underestimated

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I’ve always been looking for ways to improve my mental health and I’m sure you’ve been too. I mean, who wants to be sad or depressed? But there’s one thing most people aren’t doing. People are not trying to become successful happy, they are just trying to become sometimes happy. The Exaggerated Effort People Put Into [...]

[HOW-TO] Stop Worrying and Move On with Your Life

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Life is like an abstract painting. If you’re trying to understand it from the first time, you’ll probably fail. But if you put more effort and really try to understand it, you’ll realize there are more ways to enjoy it. Let’s start this article with a key question: What Are You Worrying For? I’ve been asking [...]

[EXPERIENCE] For Once, Try and Be What You Should’ve Become

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I’m writing the today’s article thinking about the period between September 2014 and May 2015. My mind is over there because in that period of time I was enrolled in an acting class. That experience was so intense I still feel it at the same intensity, but as a memory. Moreover, that experience was so powerful [...]