[GROWTH] The Importance Of The Unknown For Self-Improvement

This month I visited 4 cities. Haven’t visited 3 of them until now, and one of those 3 is outside my home country. I don’t know what to believe or feel, but to know is to be in control. I feel different and I haven’t known before this type of *different*. I’m glad it exists.

This is what I wrote on 31st of May in my journal – a few days ago.

Since that moment, I’ve got this feeling inside me and it’s growing and growing. I don’t know what it is, but I’m willing to discover it. And I think that’s the beauty of unknown.

If You’re Curious To Discover, You’ll Befriend The Unknown

Writing this, I remember every starting point of my life.

Writing, blogging, entrepreneurship, freelancing, volunteering, running, coaching, public speaking, traveling, and so on. I am able to remember the first moment of all these activities. And guess what? The element of the unknown was present all the time.

For writing

I had no idea I will ever be able to write books. I’ve just started writing because I felt that’s a way of expressing my ideas and frustrations.

For blogging

All I’ve ever wanted to do was to let others know about myself and my passions. I’ve never thought I’ll be able to generate so many opportunities through blogging.

For entrepreneurship and coaching

I’ve never thought it is possible to build a business around my passions and teach others everything I’ve learned through my experiences.

For freelancing

In a society that provides the 9-to-5 solution as the best way of living, I’ve never thought I’ll be able to earn money from working from home.

For volunteering

Helping others is one of the keys to success and I’ve never thought that helping others will teach me so many things about teamworking, compassion, deadlines, objectives, sales & marketing, communication, and leading.

For running

I’ve never been slim. Actually, I’ve always had 10 extra kilograms than I’ve wanted to have. And I’ve never thought it’s possible for me to run a 64-km mountain ultra-marathon.

For public speaking

When I was younger, I was too shy. So shy, I wasn’t able to speak to a stranger. Knowing that about myself, I’ve never thought it’s possible to speak in front of an audience of over 200 people.

For traveling

Another dumb myth provided by the society is that traveling is expensive – if you want to travel, you need more money. I’ve never thought I’d be able to visit a city from another country before 30 and do it with less than €150.

For every activity mentioned above, the starting point was directly connected with the element of unknown. That element was a main source of motivation.

How’s Motivation Connected To The Unknown?

I think there’s a simple equation that doesn’t require a lot of explanation.

The element of unknown appears when you want to do something but you don’t know that much information about that something.

The desire of doing something, though you don’t know anything about what you want to do, will shift into motivation.

In my book ‘Make Your Life AMAZING – The Importance of Your Subconscious in Achieving Objectives’ I story tell how I’ve discovered the importance of desire in generating motivation, while training for the 64-km mountain ultra-marathon.

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How To Embrace The Unknown?

Well, the element of the unknown is also connected to fear.

Also known as xenophobia, the fear of unknown is on the 27th place, from top 100 fears, according to fearof.net.

There are lots of articles, studies, and techniques on how to overcome the fear of unknown. For me, it was simple. I was being curious.

When the desire of being curious is more powerful than the fear of unknown, you’ll discover yourself.

And that amazing and powerful desire helped me to understand myself better and, actually, to build valuable relationships with the people that matter to me.

In this article of INC.com, called ‘How to Overcome Your Fear of Unknown’, they are mentioning risks as the common thing of the unknown.

In my case, I don’t fucking care about risks. And why would you?

Do you want to discover something? Are you curious about what’s on the other side? Are you willing to do everything it takes in order to get what you want?

Then fuck risks!

Risks are everywhere and they’re just another obstacle you have to deal with.

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