On a mission to discover the formula for optimism


What is optimism?

If you describe optimism as the light at the end of the tunnel, you’re not too far from the truth. 

After reading over 20 books and 20 research papers, I discovered that optimism is much more than that. And I’m going to share some insights with you.

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Has optimism been left out?

Hey there, I’m David The Optimist.

I’ve always been an optimist and, since 2012, I’ve been working on projects related to optimism. But when I talk to people about optimism, it seems many aren’t quite sure what it means.

We all have definitions for things like happiness, love, success, and more. But what about optimism?

That’s where my current mission comes into play. It’s my dedicated mission to explore optimism and help others become more optimistic. Hopefully, somewhere along the journey, I’ll discover the formula for optimism.

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Episode #7

On optimism and other ideas