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You’ll understand what you’re doing wrong and become conscious about your actions.

Self-guided Directions

You’ll learn how to find a direction and create a purpose for yourself.

Practical Activities

Exercises to help you make your first step towards your desired lifestyle.


Shift To Passion
How To Do What You Love Without Starving To Death

Discover your most powerful passion and transform it into a business. Create a lifestyle worth living.

Digital Version

Make Your Life AMAZING
The Importance Of Your Subconscious In Achieving Objectives

Become conscious about the structure of your thoughts and learn how to overcome your obstacles.

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The Results Of My Challenges For This Year

January: over 91 mins under the cold shower, and ran 95.1 km | Read more February: achieved 40 days of consecutively running and ran 155 km | Read more
March: 65 hours of reading books or listening to podcasts | Read more April: wrote 53.000 words (a book) | Read more
May: 27-30 hours of latino dancing (salsa & bachata) | Read more June: to be updated …
July: to be updated … August: to be updated …
September: to be updated … October: to be updated …
November: to be updated … December: to be updated …

Check the expected results for all the challenges of 2017.

About David

David thinks that reaching goals is closely related to how we set and achieve objectives and how well connected they are to our lifestyles, no matter how big the obstacles could be.

Being interested in the human potential and its capacity of changing its perspectives, David can help you make a change in your life, or transform your passion into a business.

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