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Interested in the human potential and its capacity of changing its perspectives, David can help you make a change in your life, or transform your passion into a business.

Looking For Happiness? Here’s Why You’ll Never Find It

2020-09-10T11:30:25+03:00By |Attitude|

Happiness is this precious thing. We’re all looking for happiness and it’s so precious, we sometimes desperately want it. How comes that in the process of searching for happiness, only a few find it? How comes that when you’re looking for happiness, you don’t really know where to start and it’s hard to put your

Wasting Time? 4 Questions To Help You Understand Why

2020-09-08T14:37:46+03:00By |Business|

Are you chasing perfection? How often are you wasting time in the process of making things perfect? Usually, we are wasting time because we want things to be perfect and it happens because, in most cases, achieving perfection (which is always subjective) will eat more resources than needed. For example, if you want to create

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