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Fill in the form below and, in case I believe I can help you, we’ll have a short 15-minute conversation before we start our journey. In case I don’t believe I can provide you with any guidance or help, I’ll come back with an email and say a few things and maybe recommend you someone else who may be a better fit for your needs.

How does a coaching session look like?

The coaching sessions can be very different, both because they can have different time frames and because it depends a lot on the needs of the coachee. Therefore, there are high chances that the interaction I have with you to be completely different from the interaction I have with other people in a 60-minute coaching session.

But I can tell you that all the coaching sessions are built on the same process, no matter the role that you may have (entrepreneur, manager, parent, dance instructor, triathlete, etc). All I’m doing is asking questions and listening carefully to what you’re saying, so I make sure I create the needed awareness so you can take responsibility over your life.

The questions I ask are not the same for everyone. I don’t have a list of questions and I don’t think such a list is helpful. People are different and would be absurd to think that the same question brings the same answers from everyone. I learned this early enough and I gave up any form of control – after all, having a list of questions is nothing more than a form of control.

Even though the questions are not the same for everyone, the structure of the coaching sessions is clear to everyone involved.

We’ll start from a vision you may have, we’ll talk about goals, your actions towards these goals, the obstacles, and options that you have. And finally, we’ll set practical things to do so you can start right away.

Everything we discuss is confidential and I’ll ask for your approval in case there’s anything from our coaching sessions I want to use outside the coaching sessions.

  • Before filling in the form below, please read more about the foundations of coaching.
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It’s not a coach’s job
to solve your problems

The coach’s job is to raise awareness so you can solve your problems with the resources you currently have.