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Coaching for IT Professionals

Develop a personalized plan to enhance your technical expertise, guided by a coach with a decade of hands-on experience in IT and digital marketing

Elevate your IT career with personalized coaching. Tackle challenges, hone leadership, manage stress, and develop networking strategies for unparalleled success.
Coaching programs with David The Optimist

Are you an IT professional looking to rise to new highs in your career?

With over a decade of experience in IT and digital marketing, David understands the unique challenges and opportunities in the tech industry.

The coaching services are crafter to empower tech enthusiasts, whether you’re a seasoned leader or an aspiring professional. Together with David, you’ll navigate the intricate world of IT, addressing your specific needs and goals.

  • Career transition strategies

    Whether you’re looking for a new specialization or contemplating a career shift, the coaching sessions will guide you through a seamless transition. Leverage your skills and experience to carve a path to success in your desired IT domain.
  • Leadership development

    Gain insights and strategies to inspire and motivate your team, fostering an environment where collaboration and innovative work are prioritized. During the coaching sessions, you’ll work together to refine your leadership style and achieve remarkable results.
  • Stress management

    In the fast-paced world of IT, stress can be inevitable. The coaching sessions will provide you with practical tools and to handle pressure, enhance resilience, and thrive in the face of challenges.
  • Work-life balance

    Achieve harmony, reduce burnout, and ensure sustained success both at work and at home. The coaching sessions will help you create a customized work-life balance solution that aligns your career ambition with personal aspirations.
  • Networking strategies for career advancement

    Propel your IT career forward and amplify your professional network. Discover ways of networking through your strengths that help you enhance your visibility within the industry, establish valuable connections, and unlock opportunities for career advancement.

Why work with David?

David has more than 10 years in IT and Digital Marketing, and compared with other ICF-Certified coaches, he understands the subtleties of what it means to be an IT Professional and the hidden challenges behind the role.

His personalized coaching approach focuses on:

  • Clear goals and objectives;
  • Skill development and confidence building;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Stress management and adaptability;
  • Problem-solving and decision-making;
  • Time management & accountability;
  • Self-reflection and awareness;
  • Career transition and career advancement;
  • Effective communication.

As a coach, during the sessions, David will:

  • be interested in learning more about your current situation and past experiences;
  • ask open-ended questions to help you better reflect on whatever is going on in your life;
  • hold the space for you to think, at your own pace, about the things that are important to you;
  • assist you in having clear goals and connect them to a future vision;
  • create a flexible and strong structure around the sessions so you can better connect to the growing process;
  • gently share his observations with you, so you can have a tridimensional vision of what’s going on in your life.

Discover how personalized coaching can accelerate your IT career

The coaching sessions I had with David helped me during a tough time in my professional life and it offered me guidance and clarity for the decisions I had to make.

I was listened to and we did different practical exercises from which I got valuable points of action.

David was really interested in what my issues were and personalized each session to accommodate my needs. I would recommend David because he is smart, thoughtful, a good listener and has interested different perspectives on things and situations.

I did not know what to expect from these sessions and did not think I would have a goal for each of them, but with David’s help I did have different objectives and discovered things about myself.

Liana Ursoiu Digital Account Manager at Leo Burnett

David helped me achieve clarity in several aspects of my professional life: objectives, what values I live by, and defining a set of actions.

The coaching sessions met my expectations when I achieved clarity on where I am and therefore, how to better manage my professional life.

Thank you, David! Warm, sharp, very insightful. A pleasure to work with you.

George Cerin Business Development Manager at MEDIT

David is a warm and thoughtful coach. I went to him for coaching about starting my freelance career and he balanced really attentive listening with insightful observations and gentle challenges which really helped me clarify my thinking and take action. I'm confident that I will learn even more from our sessions as I reflect more on the conversations, and I'd recommend him to anyone who wants supportive coaching with a clear focus on your goals.

Katharine Reid Executive Director at J.P. Morgan

I recently completed a six-session coaching program with David through Reciprocoach, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism right from the start. His initial contact to arrange a conversation to get to know each other and define the program’s scope was a testament to his attention to detail and commitment to his clients.

As our coaching relationship progressed, I found myself growing in trust and psychological safety, thanks to David’s attentive and creative coaching style. He was genuinely invested in helping me delve deeper into the issues I wanted to address, and his coaching approach was truly transformational, allowing me to improve my behaviours and emotions significantly.

Overall, I have no reservations in recommending David’s coaching services. Thank you, David!

João Virott da Costa Managing Partner at Bright Partners

It was an absolute delight to work with David. Week after week I would look forward to our sessions and how! At the end of 2 months of my engagement with him. I realised that David's coaching helped me not only to attain tangible results from the here and now but had also enabled me do some real deep inner work that is a prerequisite for those of us who are in the business of helping others. I'd sum it up as- If you are privileged enough to have the opportunity for David to work with you, don't let it go waste!

Dr. Shamim Suryavanshi HKU Certified Corporate Coach

30-minute Discussion

Book a completely free introductory meeting to find out more about coaching and David’s approach. There is no obligation to book any future coaching or work. This is an opportunity for you to find out a little about David and whether you could work well together.