Looking For Happiness? Here’s Why You’ll Never Find It

2020-09-10T11:30:25+03:00By |Attitude|

Happiness is this precious thing. We’re all looking for happiness and it’s so precious, we sometimes desperately want it. How comes that in the process of searching for happiness, only a few find it? How comes that when you’re looking for happiness, you don’t really know where to start and it’s hard to put your

Stop Conditioning Yourself To Everything

2020-09-14T11:27:30+03:00By |Attitude|

In the interactions I’ve had with people, I’ve noticed that when they encounter an obstacle, people usually condition themselves to that obstacle. But sometimes it’s not even an obstacle involved and people are doing the same thing and I believe they should stop conditioning themselves. Oftentimes, by simply conditioning ourselves to something, we end up

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