[CHALLENGE] 2700 squats in December

I have finally finished the December’s challenge and I’m feeling not as I’ve supposed I’ll feel.

It’s weird. Maybe because it’s also the last challenge of this year.

But let’s move on to what December’s challenge was all about and do some math.

I had to do 200 push-ups daily, except the last 7 days where the challenge should have doubled. Funny thing, it didn’t happen. Moreover, I replaced push-ups with squats because of some back problems.

I haven’t done squats for such a long time and starting suddenly with 200 a day felt like a burden.

Here’s the schedule

Day 1: 100 squats

Day 2: break

Days 3-4: 100 squats / day

Day 5: break

Day 6: 100 squats

Day 7: 200 squats

Days 8-9: 100 squats / day

Day 10: 200 squats

Day 11: 100 squats

Days 12-13: 200 squats / day

Day 14: break

Day 15: 100 squats

Days 16-17: break

Days 18-19: 100 squats / day

Day 20: 50 squats

Days 21-21: breaks

Days 23-27: 100 squats / day

Day 28: 50 squats

Days 29-30: 100 squats / day

A total of 2700.

There’s one thing to mention about the 200 squats / day I did.

On the 7th day, I decided to try and do the actual challenge – 200 instead of 100, and I did 10 series of 20 squats each. It wasn’t too hard, but I decided to one more day of 100 and then go back to 200.

Oh, and one more thing. Because I’m so smart and brave (no, I’m not) I tried to do 200 squats of 5 series of 40 each.

And then shit happened!

After the 15th day, my right knee started hurting me like hell. I wasn’t even able to do 10 in a row without feeling pain. And that’s when I decided I have to take it slowly.

I haven’t learned anything specific

I guess this challenge was a neutral one.

I haven’t been able to learn anything from it and I don’t if I hate or not doing squats. I can see their benefits for my foot muscles, but nothing more. Maybe I’ll keep them on my sports activities for the next year.

What will happen in 2018?

Considering today was the last day of this year’s challenges, I am going to do something totally different in 2018.

I believe this year’s challenges have helped me discover myself better. In 2018 I want to make some important changes in my lifestyle.

In tomorrow’s article, I’m going to review my whole 2017 and share with you what I’m about to do in 2018.

If you want to check my whole list of challenges for 2017, click here.

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Keep learning and growing,

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