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Industries David has been involved in

Telecommunications Advertising
Health and Medical Personal Development
Travel Education
Financial and Investments Beauty and Fashion
SaaS and more…

Roles David has been worked with

Entrepreneurs Managers
Athletes Actors and Directors
Instructors and Trainers Writers
Photographers and more…


When I first started as an entrepreneur I found that the easiest way to learn and thrive in his environment was to learn from those more experienced than myself.

I was lucky to meet David early on my journey and time showed that I had a lot to learn from him. He has a wide set of problem-solving techniques and a result-oriented approach, which bought a lot of value to the development of my projects.

I would usually turn to him on the days I felt there was no obvious solution with the problems I was facing, and he would most of the time help me figure a very easy next step.

But the biggest challenge that he helped overcome was adapting to the realities of the business environment I had stepped in. For a long time, I struggled to adapt to my new role which was so much different than the employee role, but could not be as idealistic as I had imagined it when starting on my own path.

Romanian business environment comes with a multitude of challenges and coming from a corporate environment in the world of the small struggling entrepreneurs can prove overwhelming without a clear-headed person to guide you through.

It was with his help that I could filter between what was really important for my business and was worth standing for, and those other areas where compromises had to be done in order to save me time, money, and most of all energy.

Corina C.
Entrepreneur at JOVIV

I’m glad when the people around me really find their purpose and understand it. Because it is possible to find your purpose and not understand it and then you gave up believing that it is not for you.

That’s what happened to David. He wandered around a bit until he really understood that he is very good at personal development and marketing.

We met at dance classes where I was his instructor without realizing that we would end up teaching each other.

As I am a scatterbrain, a slacker, and a dreamer on top of that, he needed some time to bring me back with my feet on the ground. Of course, it wasn’t his fault but mine because I didn’t listen. Or rather, I listened but I didn’t act.

In this world, if you want to succeed, you have to act. That’s what we’re working on. Without your determination and will, David cannot work miracles.

David is a perfect professional. His process is one based and structured on action, starting from what you want to do and then acting on that.

He will insist, put pressure on you, ask you to act on certain things, and take you out of your comfort zone but everything with the purpose of helping you grow.

I learned a lot and for that I thank David!

Mihai C.
Entrepreneur and Dance Instructor at SALSA PLAY

David always impressed me with the entrepreneurial spirit. The projects he developed are consistent and aligned with the current market needs. His enthusiasm is pungent and the working tools he uses are efficient and easy to implement. It is a pleasure to work with him, I admire the professionalism with which he makes his job.

Cristian T.
Sales Training Team Coordinator at PROVIDENT FINANCIAL

Work with David

If you need my help, I usually work with people in 50-minute sessions, where I listen and offer guidance to help you discover solutions on your own.


50-min coaching session 60 EURO No bonus
Pay for 4 sessions in advance 200 EURO
240 EURO
17% discount
After 6 sessions Get one course for free
After 10 sessions Get The Optimist Box for free

* after 6 sessions, you’ll get one David’s paid courses for free
** after 10 sessions, you’ll get The Optimist Box for free
*** the sessions are usually happening on Skype