[CHALLENGE] 31 Days with 3 Mins of Cold Showers

It was fun, interesting, unusual and all sorts of stuff. But I don’t enjoy them anymore.

Today was the last day of this month and as well the last day of my cold showers challenge. I would also have them for the next month, but I’m tired of feeling cold.

I’m not saying I’m not going to repeat the experience, but I’m only taking a break.

At the beginning of this year, I set that I want to challenge my lifestyle. Therefore, for this year I have a challenge each month. January was the month with cold showers plus some runs.

31 Days with Cold Showers and Running

The running is on a secondary plan, so I’ll talk just a little bit about my results regard running.

Instead, I would like to share some thoughts about the cold showers. In case you want to have such an experience, so you can start with a positive mindset.

How does my cold showers routine look like?

I was waking up every morning between 7:00 and 9:00 and, right after I woke up, my mind was focused on the cold shower. Not because I love having a cold shower, but simply because I want to overcome the moment.

It’s not like eating a chocolate or having sex. So, don’t get excited because it’s not that cool.

And waking up with this thought in my mind, I start reading. As I said, it’s not the most joyful thing in the world to have a cold shower. Instead of going right under the cold water (or at least until I’m not that sleepy) I like to focus my mind on something else.

I read for 20-30 mins and then I do 30 pushups. Last year I had 21 days with 21 pushups challenge and this routine is now a positive habit for me.

In this case, the pushups are really valuable because they activate my whole body and its temperature raises.

After the pushups, I’m going to the bathroom and turn on the hot water for 1-2 mins. Yes, hot water! It’s a little trick I developed. I thought that it would be great to create the best environment for the cold showers. The idea was that I could feel some warm spots where I was standing with my feet.

And just like that, I had the perfect environment where I could throw in some cold water over my body.

After I’ve got everything set up, I take my iPhone with me in the bathroom and play a song. I’ve made myself a playlist where I listed some power-up songs.

Here’s the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmCt-HVyxgs8thRyJWAJCWiT6HNYUqGCg

Beware! The fun begins.

2 Mental Exercises if You want to Resist 3 Mins Under the Cold Shower

/1 Realize that you’re spending a small amount of time

I’ve had set myself that I’m going to stay under the cold shower for 3 mins. The good part is that it’s not too hard to realize how much 3 mins mean.

All I had to do was to think about other activities of mine, that I’m doing daily, and compare those activities with a 3 mins cold shower. Having in mind that I write a lot, in 3 mins I could write somewhere around 100 words.

That’s when I realized what 3 mins really mean.

/2 You’re at Hollywood

Think yourself as an actor and imagine this is your role: you have to stay under the cold shower for 3 mins. Or you’ll have to act in a movie where’s always raining and the umbrella wasn’t invented yet.

Everything depends on your imagination.

The First 30 Seconds are The Most Important

Actually, I would be more specific and relate to these 30 seconds as 10 seconds before zero and 20 seconds after zero.

The first 10 seconds (before starting to countdown) are for making my body comfortable with the cold water. I did it every day and helped me to adjust my body’s temperature.

The next 20 seconds are essential because:

  • This is how much it takes until the whole body becomes comfortable with the cold water;
  • In the first 20 seconds, the information strikes powerfully the brain – if I was sleepy before feeling the cold water, after the first 20 seconds I was completely awake.

If you want to successfully achieve the 30 seconds cold shower, I recommend you to dance, swear, and yell. Any activities that will help your thoughts focus on something else.

What’s Happening After the 3 Mins Cold Showers?

Nothing special. I’m just happy I finished the challenge and I managed to do it.

I truly believe that, if everyone would try this challenge, the human species would evolve into something close to penguins. Our skin would somehow adapt and shift into some hardcore fur.

PS: If you’re reading this article, you’re bored and you enjoy working in Photoshop, draw me as a penguin and .

What I Haven’t Done and I Don’t Regret?

When I set myself this challenge, I was thinking to double, in the last 7 days, the time spent under the cold shower.

Instead of 3 mins, I should’ve stayed 6 mins. Haven’t done it and I’m glad I didn’t. 3 mins were more than enough.

Also, I haven’t showered my head with cold water. I had some struggles in the 22nd day.

How the Cold Showers Helped Me?

First of all, I understood that I don’t need something special to wake up instantly. After a few seconds under the cold shower, I woke up immediately.

I feel more alive and, I don’t know why but the cold showers made me feel comfortable in my skin.

Second, a 3 mins cold shower is the strongest and smallest moment of success I’ve had until now. I feel so great with my achievement and this makes me trust my strengths a little bit more.

Check Out My Results

From all days of January, there were two days where I managed to stay 2 mins instead of 3 under the cold shower. The 22nd and 23rd.

The rest of them were 3 mins or more. I didn’t use a timer to count the seconds, but I was checking my iPhone. So, let’s say I was playing a song and the water was pouring on my body starting with the 10th second of the song. So, I was stepping out of the cold shower after 3 mins and 10 seconds.

On the 22nd and 23rd, I was stupid. I got sick because after taking a bath (not the cold shower) I went outside without wearing proper clothes.

I spent over 91 mins under the cold shower, in January.

I ran 95.1 km in 9 hours and 19 mins, with daily runs of at least 3 km. Also, I set two new records: 1 km in 4:49 mins and 3 km in 15:13 mins. I’m really happy!

What’s Next for February?

Starting tomorrow, I’ll start running 10 km every day. The exception will be the last 7 days when I’ll run 20 km every day.

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