About Coaching

My goal with the coaching sessions is to help you overcome your daily obstacles. We’ll start by having a short 20-to-30-minute session to meet each other and see if we’re a match. If you decide you need my help and I believe that I can help you, then we move on and schedule the next coaching session.

  • We will start from where you are, where you want to go, and what you’ve done to get there. Right after that, we’ll discuss your struggles, failures, and successes, with the purpose of understanding the present version of who you are.
  • From that foundation, we’ll work together on identifying your obstacles and finding ways of overcoming them. I will provide both guidance and practical activities, personalized to your needs and your situations, so you can see results fast and properly overcome your obstacles.
  • Finally, we’ll focus on how you can use what you learn from the coaching sessions so you can become autonome and do things on your own, without external help.

In order for the coaching sessions to work, you have to trust the process and have your mind open to whatever suggestions I may bring to the table. Understand that overcoming your obstacles is only up to you and no one else has that power. Having this said, as much as it is my responsibility to help you overcome your obstacles, it is your responsibility to leave the skepticism behind and put into practice the recommended activities.

With the coaching sessions, we’ll focus on a lot of things and, at the same time, only one thing. We’ll focus on whatever you’re struggling with at the present moment and that can be time management, courage, leadership, relationships, passions, and so on. At the same time, we’ll focus on one thing, and that’s you. Whatever you expect to get out of your life is the result of who you are, therefore it is crucial to make improvements at yourself because you are the main (and only) element who is directly impacting the quality of the life you’re living.

The first session is 20-to-30 minutes long and this will be the introduction meeting, where I’ll learn more about you and you’ll learn more about me. The next sessions will be 2 to 3 hours long.

The reason for having 3-hour long coaching sessions is that you can’t really discuss much and get enough value from a common 50-minute session. I see this a lot in therapy and I don’t really understand how a session as short as 50-minute is one where you get the needed answers to your questions. I’ve done my fair share of therapy and coaching sessions trying to solve some of the stuff that was going on in my life and 50 minutes were never enough.

There’s no right or wrong answer here, but those whom I have coached in the past have told me that it took them 2 to 4 months to see the results they were looking for. More than that, I don’t do more than 12 coaching sessions in a row, without you having a break from external help. I believe that everyone should be able to help themselves and I’ll do my best to provide you with the tools you need to overcome your obstacles on your own.

Having this said, you’ll get from me a maximum of 12 coaching sessions (people usually need between 6 and 8) and even if you reach the maximum number of coaching sessions and you want to start again, I’d recommend having a break of at least 6 months when you try to do things on your own. After that, we can discuss it again.

How often we are going to do this is entirely up to you but I recommend you consider it at least twice a month. Also, because at the end of each session you’ll have your homework, I recommend having at least 3 days between each coaching session.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Yes, our sessions are entirely confidential, with a few exceptions. For example, I may ask for a testimonial, or I may use the results you’ve had in some reports, without mentioning your name. I’ll ask for your permission before I decide to do anything with the data I gather from our coaching sessions.


The base fee for a session is €450 and I work on a sliding scale. If €450 per session is too expensive for you I am happy to discuss working together at €400 per session or in some cases €350.

If €450 is too inexpensive for you, we can also discuss a higher fee provided we both believe it will contribute to your overall growth.* Payment can be made by credit card or electronic payment systems like Paypal.

*You may be wondering, “Do clients really choose to pay more than your base rate?” Yep. I have multiple clients who have elected to pay more per session – sometimes much more. Though there are a few reasons clients choose to do this it usually boils down to the simple reality that paying more forces them to take the work more seriously.

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Before working together, I recommend you check the list of practical tools I’ve developed and see if there’s any that fits your needs. These tools are great if you believe you’re capable of coaching yourself. Even more, these tools are a great head start, and working with one before you decide to work with me will help me better understand your situation and dive deeper into your struggles. Also, they’re really cheap.

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