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Be a part of something truly inspiring as David explores the science, stories, and spirit that fuel a brighter world.

Discover how you can contribute to finding the formula for optimism and help David spread the power of positivity. Together, we can make a difference, one hopeful step at a time.

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David believes that helping the world change starts from within and being vulnerable about our experiences is the first step.

We prepared for you some questions that will help you lower your defenses and open up, so you can share with David (and maybe the rest of the world) your story.

While the questions have a guiding role, you don’t have to answer those that make no sense to your story. And whatever you want to share that doesn’t sound like an answer to one of our questions, you can use as much space as you want in the last field of the form.

Help David connect with people

Do you know someone who inspires you with their optimism?

Or maybe you know a professional who’s done a lot for others and you feel like they can be a good match.

Whoever you have in mind, whether they’re a manager in a small company, a world-known expert, or someone in between, David would love to connect with them.

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Share your resources

Have you found a book worth reading, a video worth watching, or a different kind of resource? If it’s about optimism, you are in the right place.

David is building the biggest database of resources on optimism and needs your help. If you have any resources to share, this is where you do it.

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