[BELIEFS] Everything is in Your Head. Why Not Make Your Life Positive?

I truly believe this is the most powerful conscious thought one can experience.

When you realize you are the creator of your own thoughts, you will become more relaxed.

The thing is, nobody is putting any negative thought inside your mind. You are doing it yourself.

At least, I’ve never heard a conversation such as the following:

  • Tell me, what’s your most powerful positive thought?
  • Well, I’m happy.
  • Well, you seem happy. Let’s change that into something negative. You’re a stupid motherfucker!

Nobody will ever come to you and say that you should have your thoughts on the negative side of the field. That won’t ever happen.

So, Why Are You All Negative and Sad?

The society we’re living in is a hell of a game.

You have to adapt constantly and make worthy decisions related to what you’re about to do next. If not, you’re screwed.

The concept of being screwed is related to what I call auto-punishment. If you do something wrong, you punish yourself because you believe you did something wrong.

Let’s say you want to start a business.

You have everything set up and you are looking for your first client. After a month of calls, emails, and all sorts of contact methods, you’ve got zero clients and you give up. Moreover, you punish yourself and tell yourself that you are stupid, that you are not an entrepreneur.

Well, for sure you are NOT stupid.

Also, you may not be an entrepreneur. But what’s wrong with that?

So, because you’ve started something and you weren’t able to achieve it, you punish yourself.

Can you see how fucked up that is?

Can you see how you are your only enemy? It’s not the society. It’s not your friends or family. It’s not your education.

It’s you! You are the one to blame for being depressive, desperate, and negative all day long.

But blaming yourself would mean punishing yourself, so don’t do that. Please.

We Live, We Learn, We Move On

This is one of the quotes I love the most because it puts a light on two things:

  1. We are not perfect and we shouldn’t even try to become perfect

Our imperfections make us who we are.

If everyone was able to do everything, we would all be the same, doing the same things. I believe perfection would make this world a boring place.

Instead, by simply not being perfect, we have to perfect things. We have to learn more and more every day. Again, without punishing ourselves.

  1. Obstacles are part of life, but we are moving on – or at least we should be trying

Imagine the following line is your life. Your life as simple as it can be.


Now, imagine the following line is your life with all the obstacles you’ve encountered or you’ll encounter.

—- * — _ — : —-///// —– &% —- # —— * —- * —————-@@@ ——-

Let’s say tomorrow you’ll reach the obstacle &% and will be the weirdest one of your life. Maybe a nasty depression that will leave you confused and unspoken.

The question is this: why you’re dragging the obstacle &% to the next one and make your life even harder?

When we encounter obstacles, we don’t let them where we’ve found them. We drag them towards the next one, and the next one, and so on. Which makes life even harder.

What Has Living, Learning, and Moving On to do With this Article’s Title?


In order to have a life, you have to live it.

In order to live a life, you have to learn things.

In order to learn things, you have to get over your obstacles – the moving on part.

If you don’t realize that everything is in your head, you won’t even be able to have a life.


At the end of this short article, I want to say one more thing.

It doesn’t matter how people think you should live your life. It doesn’t matter what people say about how you should treat and value yourself. It doesn’t matter how life has treated you until now.

It simply doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is up there, in your head.

Make it worth.

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Keep learning and growing,

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