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Meet David

I am here to understand what optimism is and to help others use optimism to live better lives, have meaning in their relationships, and make the most out of their experiences.


Speak clearly so others can understand
your thoughts, emotions, and vision.


Find uncommon ways to overcome
obstacles, both for you and for others.


Learn to grow and share
what you learn to help others
become better.

It Out

Laugh at your problems whenever
they arrive and stay focused on finding
the solution.


Everything is energy. Build your castle
from the field of consciousness.

About Optimism

At the core of my beliefs, there’s this simple idea that only with intention and through experiments we can see past the obvious.

My first interaction with the idea of optimism was in 2012, when I started writing about my views on different things about life. But it goes way further down the line and it can be traced back to my childhood.

I come from a poor family, where my parents could barely afford to put food on the table. I remember we had difficult moments when my mother didn’t have a job and we had to literally survive on my father’s minimum income salary. I also remember going with my father to his work and walking for hours to go to his job and back home. During these long walks, my father was sharing some stories with me and most of them concluded with him saying that eventually things will get better. I guess my optimism is somehow connected to those moments from childhood.

Until 2023, whatever I did around optimism was mostly about sharing my experiences and trying to look at them from a positive point of view. And I tried to keep that mindset in everything I did, including speaking in front of people, writing books, or even at my day-to-day job.

But in 2023 something changed. At the beginning of 2023, I tried to search on Google something about optimism and after 30 minutes, I realized one thing: there’s no specific definition of optimism, and the more I searched, the more things I found that are not related only to optimism.

It feels like optimism has been left out. While concepts like leadership, financial independence, freedom, and maybe even love, have specific definitions and people are able to describe these concepts, optimism is still not there yet. People still struggle to define what optimism is and if we want people to be more optimistic, my first impulse is that people should know, before everything, how to define optimism.

Starting with 2024, that’s my vision with this website and everything behind it. I want to find the formula for optimism and help the world become more optimistic.

About David

I'm a writer

I started writing in 2009 with the purpose of simply sharing my thoughts. 3 years later, in 2012, I started blogging and the more I wrote, the more people engaged with my content. In 2016, I wrote my first book and printed it with the help of the community around me, through a crowdfunding project. I kept writing books until 2018 when I decided to stop and focus on something else. Even though most of my work is related to the personal development niche, I also wrote fiction, poetry, and screenplay. However, I’ve never made it available for a large audience; I only shared it with some close friends. In 2021, I started putting into words the practical tools I developed while working with entrepreneurs to help them overcome their struggles.

I’m an executive coach

My passion for personal development helped me help others. I’ve never wanted to be a coach but I’ve always wanted to help people. I remember that when I was younger, around 20 years old, I was so obsessed with improvements that I was able to spot, in others’ lives, things that they could improve so they live life better. I was so obsessed with it, for most people it was annoying. But that obsession is what made me capable of looking at someone’s life and seeing the missing pieces of the puzzle. While I’ve toned down the obsession for spotting out things that others could improve, I’ve improved the ability to use this obsession and make it useful for those who feel stuck. The result of working with people and helping them overcome their struggles is always the same: it makes me happy. And this is why I’ll never stop doing it.

What I focus on

Through the coaching sessions, I focus mainly on helping you gain more clarity. Together, we’ll work on getting more clarity about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. As a final result, you’ll see improvements in your life, with specific changes regarding focus, motivation, and performance.

What you get

The coaching sessions are between 30 minutes and 2 hours long, 1 hour being the common length. At the beginning of every coaching collaboration, there’s going to be a coaching contract, where we establish the coach-coachee relationship, your goals, expectations, and anything else you find important.