Welcome. I’m David The Optimist,
writer, coach and everything in between.

To give you a short intro about me, think of me as someone who’s obsessed with personal development and this obsession is directly impacting the way I live my life. I’m so obsessed with personal development, I always ‘force’ people into becoming their better versions simply because I believe things can get better. Always.

On the other hand, I value passion and freedom, and these two have always been important to me, so important that I’ve chosen to build a life around them. I haven’t finished my studies and I’ve refused to do the things that I didn’t want to do. I had my battles with society’s dogmas and my fair share of deep moments of depression and frustration.

I value freedom so much that I’ve always had the time to do the things that I wanted to do. We’re living in a world where time is a resource everyone has trouble managing. We’re living in a world where is accepted to be the slave of both time and money. But I’ve never wanted to be part of such a world and I’ve done my best to play by my own rules.

I value passion so much that everything I do is related to a passion I have. I’ve experienced many different activities, both in my personal and professional life. Writing books, running marathons, dancing, speaking in front of crowds, coaching entrepreneurs, building projects from scratch. Getting involved in lots of different types of activities is what helped me discover my passions and live a passionate life.

Oh… and one more thing. No matter what, I always put it into practice. After all, being an optimist is strongly related to one’s actions, not dreams.

I’m a writer

I started writing in 2009 with the purpose of simply sharing my thoughts. 4 years later, in 2013, I started blogging and the more I wrote, the more people were engaging with my content. In 2016, I wrote my first book and printed it with the help of the community around me, through a crowdfunding project. I kept writing books until 2018 when I decided to stop and focus on something else. Even though most of my work is related to the personal development niche, I also wrote fiction, poetry, and screenplay but I’ve never made it available for a large audience; only shared it with some close friends. In 2021, I started putting into words the practical tools I developed while working with entrepreneurs to help them overcome their struggles.

I’m a coach

My passion for personal development helped me help others. I’ve never wanted to be a coach but I’ve always wanted to help people. I remember that when I was younger, around 20 years old, I was so obsessed with improvements that I was able to spot, in others’ lives, things that others could improve so they live life better. I was so obsessed with it, for most people it was annoying. But that obsession is what made me capable of looking at something and seeing the missing pieces of the puzzle. While I’ve toned down the obsession for spotting out things that others could improve, I’ve improved the ability to use this obsession and making it useful for those who feel stuck. The result of working with people and helping them overcome their struggles is always the same: it makes me happy. And this is why I’ll never stop doing it.

I’m a runner

I don’t always run, but when I do, I set myself either a challenge or a running event. I remember I started training for my first marathon (in 2013) as a bet with a friend. After finishing that, I ran a 64KM ultra-marathon in 2014, and a half-marathon in 2015. Both in 2014 and 2015, I raised funds for different charitable causes. Then, I stopped joining running events and started setting my own challenges. I remember running over 200KM in 30 days or having 40 consecutive days of running. I remember trying to overcome my mental limits by creating running patterns and then suddenly breaking them. While I’ve never been a constant runner, I’ve always found pleasure in running. This year, in September 2021, I decided to join again a running competition and I’ll be running a 53KM ultra-marathon.

What I focus on

Through the coaching sessions, I focus mainly on one thing: the limiting beliefs that you may have. Together, we’ll work on finding ways of identifying, changing, adding, or removing those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

What you get

The coaching sessions are between 2 and 3 hours long and every session ends with at least one practical activity. The practical activities are personalized to you and your needs, so you can get the most out of the coaching sessions.

Do you want to work together?