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Practical Tools

I spent hundreds of hours trying to understand people with decisional roles and help them overcome their most important struggles. As a result, I created this set of practical tools just for people like you, who feel stuck and seem to have no solutions left.

You’ll learn directly from my experience working with leaders and managers and use the same information and activities they used to advance their cause.

Practical tools with personalized activities

First of all, the tools you’ll get are developed based on the experience of working with people with decisional roles that impact big organizations, just like you.

As you’ll see, inside each tool you’ll find examples of uncomfortable situations and ways to get out of them, just so you know you’re not alone and you’re not the only one dealing with these struggles.

These tools are TESTED and they have been WORKING for managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The most important part of this set of tools is that it covers an important part of the most common struggles of today. And even if right now you may not need all the tools, it’s your bird’s eye look into the way managers and entrepreneurs overcome their inner battles.

You’ll be able to guide yourself with the personalized activities and figure out entirely on your own the missing pieces of your solution’s puzzle.

What the tools will do for you?

When you get access to the set of tools, you’ll be on the cutting edge of what’s working right now in a world of constant change. You’ll be ahead of the game and know how to make your efforts count.

The practical tools give you an insight on exactly the methods used by managers and entrepreneurs.

  • The Practical Tools will give you specific information and knowledge to know how to better conquer your inner demons.
  • The Personalized Activities will give you the space you need to find the solution you need, at your own pace.

01. How to prioritize your tasks

Learning to prioritize your tasks is crucial and it’s so important because otherwise, you’ll end up in a place where deadlines are the only things you know. You sleep working towards deadlines and you wake up thinking of your deadlines.

This tool will help you:

  • Prioritize your tasks and activities by defining the importance of whatever you’re doing.
  • Understand how to say NO, the power of the word NO, and why it’s built in our core to say YES instead of NO.
  • Understand the four categories of tasks behind urgency (manage, focus, avoid and limit) and learn how to handle them so you can better manage your life in critical situations.
  • Define your needs and wants so you can have clarity over what’s important to have in your life.

02. How to be more patient so you can become happier

When you understand how to be more patient and understand the factors that are impacting your levels of patience, you’ll become happier. In fact, patient people have better mental health.

This tool will help you:

  • Understand the feeling of rushing and its importance.
  • Discover the things you don’t see when patience is lacking.
  • Understand the concept of time and the fear of wasting time.
  • Learn how to be more patient with yourself and others.

03. Business plan template: How to create an achievable business plan

You may think that your business doesn’t need a plan. You may think that you’re doing just well without one and you don’t need to write down the goals you have for your business for the next three, six, or maybe twelve months. If you’re like that, then relax because you are not the only one.

This tool will help you:

  • Set up a 3-year vision broken down into smaller and achievable goals.
  • Pick one of the 5 available stages to better build your business plan.
  • Set up 5 major goals and for every major goal learn how to create key actions to help you better follow the plan.
  • Work on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats behind your business.
  • Create relevant action plans with a focus on the first 90 days.

04. How to deal with people resistant to change

A change never happens in the comfort zone. But there are people who know how to create the feeling of comfort around their change and then there are people resistant to change.

This tool will help you:

  • Understand why and when we need a change.
  • Understand the importance of environment, leadership, and concrete results for change.
  • Learn how to help others understand the change they’re going through.
  • Learn how to use the results of those open to change to motivate those resistant to change.

05. How to get rid of what's holding you back

When you think about your failures, you may see them as the result of your lack of knowledge, lack of action, or as the result of being surrounded by the wrong people. Sometimes, you may even see it as the result of bad luck. But all these things aren’t actually holding us back.

This tool will help you:

  • Understand the control behind who you are and decide who you should be.
  • Discover the green and red dots behind failure.
  • Understand why the obstacles you set yourself aren’t in your control.
  • Learn how to avoid creating obstacles.

06. How to identify the audience of your business

If you decide to start a business, it is crucial to know to whom you’re going to sell your products or services, which means you have to know the audience of your business. But if you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial path, you may not know how to do it. Or, even worse, you may not know you have to do it.

This tool will help you:

  • Understand how to define success and have clarity over what you’re chasing.
  • Learn the importance of deciding on one product or service when you’re starting out.
  • Create a profile of your potential customers/clients.
  • Understand the importance and feedback and how to use feedback to adjust your product or service.

07. How to discover your passions

When you are passionate about what you do, it’s easier to keep going. This is the most important benefit when it comes to being passionate: you’ll find it easier to keep going, even when uncomfortable and hard situations arise.

This tool will help you:

  • Discover the needed and available resources for discovering your passions.
  • Understand how passion, curiosity, and desire impact the process of discovering your passions.
  • Learn how to use an experimental mindset to discover your passions.
  • Understand the world better through your passions.

08. How to become a leader by better managing people

We’re living in a world where we need more leaders. Unfortunately, we’re still living in a world dominated by managers and bosses – a world we don’t want to live in anymore. For that to change, you may have to become a leader as well.

This tool will help you:

  • Understand the role of a leader and the differences between a leader, a boss, and a manager.
  • Identify ways of using leadership at work and at home.
  • Become a leader through practical activities and build amazing relationships with those around you.

09. How to better understand your beliefs

One of the ways we get new beliefs and remove the unwanted ones is by consuming information. The more information you consume, the stronger your beliefs are going to be. You have to be present to understand your beliefs but, at the same time, you have to keep an eye on the future version of yourself.

This tool will help you:

  • Learn and understand how your beliefs are developed.
  • Identify your beliefs through practical activities.
  • Learn how to approach things differently by learning how to look at them in a different way.

10. How to measure your work efficiently

Measuring your work is probably the most important requirement when it comes to making sure your efforts are allocated to the right type of activity. If you don’t measure your work, you’ll never know if and when you’re going to get the things you’re working for. And that is what you want, right?

This tool will help you:

  • Learn about the importance of KPIs and see how they impact your mindset when you measure your work.
  • Learn how to find the right KPIs for whatever you’re working on so you can better evaluate and measure your work.