The Optimist Box – 5 optimistic books


Five optimistic books to help you overcome your struggles.

BOOK 1: Subconscious mechanics – the importance of your subconscious in achieving objectives
BOOK 2: The power of 30-day challenges – how to become the constructor of an exceptional lifestyle
BOOK 3: How to change your life – practical daily improvements
BOOK 4: Shift to passion – how to do what you love without starving to death
BOOK 5: From brain to heart – the belief system of an optimist

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Discover 5 optimistic books to help you overcome your struggles. The t-shirt is not included anymore in the box.


First Book
Subconscious mechanics: The importance of your subconscious in achieving objectives
  • 8500 words
  • 5 chapters
  • 92 pages

When I first started this book, it was meant to become a course. But along the way, I decided the content I developed around its topics is better suited for a book.

Since I’ve known myself, I’ve always been inclined to set specific things to achieve. Some of them were easy to achieve and others seemed impossible. And I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter how simple, complex, easy, or hard the goal is to achieve. At the same time, I’ve realized that simply setting a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-limited) goal is not enough.

More than that, this book would have still been a course if it wasn’t for those around me, who kept insisting that setting a SMART goal is enough and you don’t need anything else in order to achieve your goals.

Yes, you do, and this book is all about the things you need so you can properly set and achieve your goals. Sure, setting SMART goals is important when it comes to setting goals. Setting a goal without having it SMART is like cooking delicious food without adding salt. It most probably won’t work.

Inside this book, you’ll find a tool, made specifically for helping you better set and achieve your goals. With this tool, you’ll learn how to set indicators of progress and measure the results behind your efforts of reaching your goals.

The purpose of this book is to help you realize that simply having a SMART goal is not enough. The way you think right now impacts a lot the way you succeed in life. And the way you think right now is, most probably, not your way of thinking.

With this book, you’ll understand that visualization is an important part of achieving the goals you set.

This book is structured in 5 chapters and you’ll have a total of 6 missions, which are complex practical activities that will help you better understand yourself and the way you set and achieve your goals.

Even though you can simply read the book in just a few hours, in case you decide to go through the exercises and treat them seriously, it may take you more than one month to properly finish this book.

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Second Book
The power of 30-day challenges: How to become the constructor of an exceptional lifestyle
  • 10000 words
  • 12 challenges
  • 112 pages

Most people find it hard to rewrite the story of their life. This book could be the first step towards that.

I’ve first discovered the power of a 30-day challenge a few years ago when I was experimenting with ways of overcoming my comfort zone through running.

I remember that in one month I set myself to run every day, for 30 days, and I ran 3 km every day of the first week, 5 km every day of the second week, 7 km every day of the third week, 9 km every day of the fourth week and then 11 km for the 29th and 30th days.

That’s when I started looking at the time intervals of 30 days as projects and in the year 2017, I went through 12 different 30-day challenges, with activities such as cold showers, running, dancing, cycling, meditation, and more.

If you set yourself to experiment 12 different activities in one year and try to do every single one for 30 days in a row, you’ll become a different person. You’ll learn more about your limitations and your limiting beliefs, and you’ll end the year with a bunch of new skills that you’ll be able to use in most of your day-to-day activities.

The power of 30-day challenges is in the results of the challenge. Doing something for 30 days in a row is hard. And it’s going to be even harder if you set to do different activities for a few months in a row. But the results you have after all those months will be incomparable.

I truly believe that if you set yourself a year full of 30-day challenges you’ll actually set yourself a new direction in life, that’s yet to be explored and discovered. After that, it will be up to you to decide if you go back to what you were before those challenges or not.

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Third Book
How to change your life: Practical daily improvements
  • 8000 words
  • 10 chapters
  • 13 new habits
  • 11 new skills
  • 80 pages

The older you get, the harder it is to make changes in your life.

That’s happening because the more you live, the powerful the beliefs you have will become – and not all your beliefs are positive. More than that, the more you live, the more your habits will become part of your subconscious and you’ll do things without even realizing it.

Want to know how hard it is to change a habit?

Try brushing your teeth, 30 days in a row (or even more) the opposite way. If you’re doing it from left to right, change the direction from up to down and vice-versa.

At the start, you’ll feel really uncomfortable and you’ll think you’re doing it wrong, but there’s nothing wrong with brushing your teeth. Also, you’ll have days where you’ll start brushing your teeth the way you used to because you’ll still have the old habit as an automatism. It’s happening because when you’re sleepy, you’re only half-conscious.

The same ideas can be found when you’re trying to change any habit and the bigger the habit, the more obstacles you’ll find while trying to change it.

Whenever you want to make a change in your life, you should be aware of the habits that are part of what you’re trying to change and take them one by one.

The purpose of this book is to give you a starting point and provide you with specific things that you can do to make small but relevant improvements in your life. You’ll find a list of personal skills that can be transferred to your professional life and, as well, a list of habits to help you improve your life.

Inside this book, like in most optimistic books from The Optimist Box, you’ll find the short and simple-to-understand information you’ll need so you can start reviewing your life and set up a direction for your improvements.

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Fourth Book
Shift to passion: How to do what you love without starving to death
  • 22000 words
  • 13 chapters
  • 228 pages

Living a life without worries means that you love what you do and you do what you love. Even more, through the things you do and love, you are able to make an income so you can afford to live life at least decently.

Most people are stuck in a 9-to-5 job where they take their work at home and they don’t even do something that’s slightly interesting to them. That’s sad and if you are in such a situation, you should start looking for a way out.

Shift To Passion is a book that will help you discover the most powerful passion and build a business around it. The book puts a light on the things that are important for building a personal brand in a world where how you connect with people matters the most.

You’ll find practical activities to help you:

  • better organize your time and activities;
  • improve and change your life so you can shift from being an employee to being a freelancer or entrepreneur;
  • learn how to offer value to others through your passions and how to identify those who can benefit from your passions.

But more important than that, you’ll find stories of people who started with almost nothing and were able to build a lifestyle around their passions.

Building a business based on your passions is not easy and it takes time. But if you’ll ever want to do something else than what you’re doing right now and you want that activity to be something you love, then right now may be the perfect time for you to start.

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Fifth Book
From brain to heart: The belief system of an optimist
  • 52000 words
  • 16 chapters
  • 23 practical activities
  • 384 pages

Discover the belief system of an optimist and learn how to become one.

Inside this book, you’ll find 16 optimistic beliefs and 23 practical activities to help you shift your thinking, have a positive mindset, and enjoy life in a positive manner.

You’ll find information about money, honesty, love, positive thinking and overthinking, emotions, daydreaming and more. This book approaches many important life topics and addresses them through practical examples and activities to help you improve these areas.

To go from brain to heart means to shift your thinking so you can think with your heart. Your brain may be helpful but over the years your brain will gather all sorts of limiting beliefs. Eventually, your brain will be one of your worst enemies.

On the other hand, when you think with your heart, you keep your mind always open and you constantly refresh your thoughts to make sure you get the best out of the information that reaches you.

This book is about the beliefs that society is feeding us with, which most of the time are wrong, harmful, and instead of helping us, they limit us.

You’ll find information that you have probably heard before but you’ll also find practical activities to help you shift that information into powerful beliefs that will help you live your life the way you want.

From Brain to Heart is the book that has only one purpose: make you become conscious of your beliefs and help you remove those you don’t want to keep and create new and better ones.

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