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This is how I started reading daily

I enjoy reading, but reading daily was not part of my lifestyle.

In the past, when I wanted to read a new book, I was reading daily for a few days and then I was taking a break. That break would have lasted from a few days up to weeks. And then, after the book was finished, the chances were that I was taking a break for weeks, even months.

But something happened recently and, in the last two weeks, I read two books. Now, I even have days when I’m reading 2-3 times, for 30 minutes each time.

How I started reading daily

Almost one month ago, I was contacted by an organization I’m part of and was told that a potential client may need my coaching services.

Since I wanted to be prepared for the initial meeting, I started researching the potential client.

Basically, I searched everything I could on the company and clicked over 30 links on Google Search Results. After reading articles, news, and listening to two podcasts, I felt ready to have the discussion with the client. But what I discovered about reading was so good that being prepared for the discussion felt like a secondary achievement.

In one of the podcasts, the CEO of the company said that he’s reading daily and he’s been reading daily for more than a decade. That intrigued me.

Then he continued sharing his simple method:

  • Buy books from Amazon on Kindle
  • Install the Kindle App on your phone
  • Start reading

It’s that simple.

As soon as I heard it, something clicked.

I’m using my phone daily anyway. Why not try it?” I told myself almost immediately after I heard the CEO share his method of reading daily.

I installed the Kindle App on my phone, went to Amazon, ordered The Third Door, and started reading it. One week later, I was done and was so happy with my achievement.

The next day, I ordered The Untethered Soul and started reading it. 8 days later (yesterday) I finished it and was happy again with my achievement.

Today, I have another book ready and can’t wait to finish this article so I can start reading again.

This simple method of reading daily replaces an unhealthy habit I was having

I used to waste 15 to 30 minutes daily on Instagram, scrolling through reels. Sometimes even more.

And while I used to find some interesting things (that’s how I found out about The Untethered Soul), it was still a wasted time.

Right now, I’m still scrolling through reels, but after 2-3 minutes I catch myself doing it and I switch quite fast to reading. All I have to do is to close Instagram and open the Kindle App.

It’s that simple.

Fun Fact: 0 % Less Stress

Did you know that optimistic thinking reduces stress hormone levels by 23%?

Keep your quotes organized

If you click on the above links (on the name of the books), you’ll go to my reviews and each review will have some highlights. These are the quotes I liked from the book.

But I find it hard to organize them.

At this moment, they’re only organized by one category, which is the book’s name.

But what if, while reading a book, you find quotes about storytelling, success, or luck?

Well, I found an app that can help me with that as well.

While I highlight the quotes I like in the Kindle App, I also copy/paste them inside the Bear App.

Here’s a screenshot from the Bear App with all my tags (categories) until now. I started using it at the same time I used the Kindle App, so my tags are related to the two books I read recently.

The bear app tags

Here’s a screenshot of a note:

The bear app note

As you can see, below the note are the tags I used.

It’s so easy to organize and I can easily read notes from any category.

If you like to be as organized as I am, I recommend installing the Bear App. I’m using the free version and for now it’s more than enough.

The mindset behind reading every day

I was thinking about the habit of reading daily and there’s something I’m trying to understand properly.

“If I read every day, when do I get to practice what I read?” is something I keep asking myself.

In the past, I used to think that I had to become practical about the things that I read. And for some of the things I read, that is true. But that’s also a myth.

There are two things in life: the ones that you make happen and the ones that are happening anyway.

For so many years, the Western culture has been so obsessed with doing things that it didn’t leave any space for letting things happen.

We’re obsessively trying to have control over everything. It’s what makes us believe that only when we do something, something will happen. That’s a myth and the reality is there are (many) things that are happening without your efforts and involvement. And those things will influence your life greatly.

Therefore, while I’m reading daily, I’m trying to let go of the idea that I have to put into practice everything I read. It was something I was striving for in the past.

At this moment, letting go and observing seems a healthier approach.

With love and optimism,

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