[CHALLENGE] 28 Days with 10 Km Runs

As you should know by now, this year I’ve set myself to challenge my lifestyle. January was with cold showers and this month is with running.

February should’ve looked like this: 10 km ran every day, except the last 7 days where I should’ve run 20 km every day. It would’ve been a total of 340 km.

Unfortunately, there was only a total of 155 km.

How I Managed NOT To Achieve My Objective?

First of all, let’s see what I achieved.

My schedule for all the days of February, which ends today, looks like this:

Days 1-9: 10 km daily.
Day 10: break.
Day 11: 10 km.
Days 12-13: 5 km daily.
Days 14-15: breaks.
Day 16: 10 km.
Day 17: break.
Day 18: 10 km.
Days 19-20: breaks.
Day 21: 20 km.
Days 22-25: breaks.
Day 26: 5 km.
Days 27-28: breaks.


What’s With All These Breaks and With the 5 km Runs?

I think it’s because all the effort I put into both this challenge and the January challenge. So I felt the need to take all these breaks.

And by feeling the need I mean that my bones and muscles were hurting.

31 days with daily running in January and another 9 in February. A total of 40 days and a new record.

After the 40 days, the tiredness was too present so I started to take breaks. A day wasn’t enough so I ran smaller distances or took breaks of two days or more.

Mostly, my mind was focused on the last 7 days, when I was supposed to run a total of 140 km.

And I managed to run the first 20 km. Was really great, except the last two. I didn’t have any problems.

Just that … a few hours after finishing the run, I started to feel my knee. The second day I felt it so bad, it was really hard for me to walk normally.

The effort from all these days (of January and February) made my knee surrender. I took a break of 4 days and then I tried again. But after a few km, I started to feel my knee again.

I decided that is better to stop, instead of running and risking to hurt myself.

I Achieved Less Than a Half of The Objective. Where’s The Success?

First of all, I’m still able to run. That’s a big success. I could’ve hurt myself more.

Second, I achieved these 40 days of consecutively running and the 20 km run in one day. I have bigger runs than that, but I haven’t been running more than 10 km since the 64 km mountain ultra-marathon in September 2015.

Moreover, I realized and I’m more conscious about my limitations regarding running. Now, that I know my limitations, it’s easier to set others that are higher and try to reach them.

Next time I’ll try to run more than 40 days consecutively and pay a little more attention to my alimentation.

On short, the objective wasn’t achieved, but I’m amazingly relaxed. Simply because I’ve found other objectives (not better or worse, but different) that I achieved.

“What is The Success Behind My Failure?”

This is the most valuable thing I learned.

The above question is helping me to go past the negative things and focus on the positive ones, which seem to be unobserved.

Therefore, I ask you the same question.

Think about the objectives you’ve set yourself but you are not satisfied with.

What’s the success behind your failure?

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