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The power of 30-day challenges

First of all, what’s a 30-day challenge?

A 30-day challenge is something you choose to do daily, for 30 days.

For example, you choose to do 20 push-ups every day, for 30 days. Or you choose to do 1 minute of cold shower every day for 30 days.

For me, the year 2017 had 12 30-day challenges. Actually, one for each month, so there aren’t always 30 days, but you get the idea.

To be more specific, here are the challenges I was setting myself at the end of 2016 for the whole 2017.

  • January 2017 – 31 Days with 3 Minutes of Cold Showers
  • February 2017 – 28 Days with 10 km Runs
  • March 2017 – 31 Days with 2 Hours of Reading Books in English
  • April 2017 – 30 Days with 3000 Words Written
  • May 2017 – 31 Days with a Story
  • June 2017 – 31 Days with 50 km of Cycling
  • July 2017 – 31 Days with One Hour of Meditation
  • August 2017 – 31 Days with Two Hours of Learning a New Language
  • September 2017 – 30 Days with Two Hours of Drawing
  • October 2017 – 31 Days with 1000 Stairs Climbed Up and Down
  • November 2017 – 30 Days with Pomodoro
  • December 2017 – 31 Days with 200 Push-ups

You may say this is quite insane. But it isn’t because the purpose wasn’t to achieve some numbers, but to discover more about myself.

With this guide, I’m trying to help you understand the benefits of setting and going for your 30-day challenges, and how you can do it in the most efficient manner.

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The two types of activities for your challenges

The first one: something that you’ve never done before.

In my case, before 2017 I’ve never done a cold shower on a purpose. So, it was something new for me.

In my research time, I’ve found lots of articles that were suggesting I should do 5 minutes every day of cold showers. I thought it’s beyond crazy and I’ve lowered it to 3 minutes.

The second one: something that you’ve done before.

In my case, before 2017 I’ve run and I did it quite a lot. For January, while doing the cold showers, I was running 3 km every day. Also, in February, I tried to run 10 km every day, but it only worked for the first 9 days.

The thing is, I achieved something different: 40 consecutive days of running.

IF you are able to do something for 30 days, you’ll be able to do it for the rest of your life. But only IF you enjoy doing it.

About the author • David The Optimist
About the author • David The Optimist
David believes that reaching dreams has a lot to do with the way we set goals and how well they are connected to our lifestyles, no matter how big the obstacles may be.