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How to change your life

How to change your life through practical daily improvements

If you would have to improve one part of your life, what would that part be? The personal or the professional one?

Would you choose to have more friends and live your life in all kind of social circles? Or would you like to work constantly and build an empire?

For me, none of the above is the answer.

I was never interested in making an empire – I don’t want to be rich. And, at the same time, I don’t want to have hundreds of friends – I’m more than happy with having a few close friends whom I can always talk with about anything.

Actually, that’s just my case.

Nobody can tell you what’s important to you. It depends on what you want out of life.

I want to have time for my projects, I want to go to workshops and meet interesting people, I want to create my own lifestyle based on interesting challenges like the ones I set in 2017.

So, for me it’s important to be able to balance the professional and the personal parts of my life.

Moreover, I want to be able to balance both of them.

How do I balance the professional part of my life? By not taking a 9-to-5 job where I’m a robot and get bored with simple dumb tasks. By having my own projects related to the things that I want to learn and love doing.

How do I balance the personal part of my life? By spending time with myself as much as I spend time with my friends and family. When I can add value to my life – and this is a result of the time I spend with myself – I can add value to others’ lives.

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About the author • David The Optimist
About the author • David The Optimist
David believes that reaching dreams has a lot to do with the way we set goals and how well they are connected to our lifestyles, no matter how big the obstacles may be.