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From Brain To Heart

Discover the belief system of an optimist and learn how to become one inside the book ‘From Brain To Heart’.

Inside this book, you’ll find 16 optimistic beliefs and 23 practical activities to help you shift your thinking, have a positive mindset, and enjoy life in a positive manner.

You’ll find information about money, honesty, love, positive thinking and overthinking, emotions, daydreaming and more. This book approaches many important life topics and addresses them through practical examples and activities to help you improve these areas.

To go from brain to heart means to shift your thinking so you can think with your heart. Your brain may be helpful but over the years your brain will gather all sorts of limiting beliefs. Eventually, your brain will be one of your worst enemies.

On the other hand, when you think with your heart, you keep your mind always open and you constantly refresh your thoughts to make sure you get the best out of the information that reaches you.

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Practical Activities

This book is about the beliefs that society is feeding us with, which most of the time are wrong, harmful, and instead of helping us, they limit us.

You’ll find information that you have probably heard before but you’ll also find practical activities to help you shift that information into powerful beliefs that will help you live your life the way you want.

From Brain to Heart is the book that has only one purpose: make you become conscious of your beliefs and help you remove those you don’t want to keep and create new and better ones.

From the moment you understand that your emotions don’t have to be controlled, but shared, you’ll understand the importance of emotions for building trustworthy relationships.

About the author • David The Optimist
David believes that reaching dreams has a lot to do with the way we set goals and how well they are connected to our lifestyles, no matter how big the obstacles may be.