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The optimist box


Five books to help you overcome your struggles and one t-shirt to provide you with the optimistic energy you need.

BOOK1: From brain to heart – the belief system of an optimist
Discover the belief system of an optimist and learn how to become one. 16 optimistic beliefs and 23 practical activities to help you shift your thinking, have a positive mindset and enjoy life in a positive manner.

BOOK2: Shift to passion – how to do what you love without starving to death
Learn how to discover your most powerful passion and use it to build a lifestyle of financial independence, developed around the activities that give you positive vibes.

BOOK3: The power of 30-day challenges – how to become the constructor of an exceptional lifestyle
Learn how to build an exceptional lifestyle with the help of 30-day challenges. Use the 30-day challenges to discover your limits and go beyond them, to become more conscious about the activities that make you smile.

BOOK4: Subconscious mechanics – the importance of your subconscious in achieving objectives
Learn how to use your subconscious to efficiently reach your goals. Beyond the fact that the goals must be SMART, it is necessary to be able to visualize the goal and have it generated by a strong inner desire.

BOOK5: How to change your life – practical daily improvements
Learn how to reach the desired lifestyle through practical daily improvements. Discover new habits and abilities that you can use to build the lifestyle in which you achieve the things you desire, for both your personal and professional aspects of your life.

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About the author • David The Optimist
About the author • David The Optimist
David believes that reaching dreams has a lot to do with the way we set goals and how well they are connected to our lifestyles, no matter how big the obstacles may be.