Published On: 29/12/20221.7 min read

This is the end of something important.

It’s the end of something that you only considered a very beginning at some point in your life. It’s the end of the change you’ve always wanted to make.

This is the end of who you were and the beginning of who you become.

This end is an opportunity to let go of the things you don’t need anymore and to make space for something that wants to be part of your life.

This is the end that you’ve been waiting for and it’s knocking on your door today. Open the door and let it be part of your life. Let it take over and accept the point of no return.

There’s no reason to be in charge of whatever is happening. After all, it’s just an ending of what was and you should let it manifest. Let it be. Let it become complete.

Where you are right now is also the beginning.

It’s where it all starts and where it all becomes one. It’s the time where you plant yourself deep in now and here, isolate yourself from your past and future, and nurture your being with encouraging thoughts, positive experiences, and trustworthy relationships.

It’s been waiting for you.

This beginning was dormant, waiting for the end to take place so you can let go and move on. It was waiting for this precise moment so it can become alive. And it was rooting for you to reach this moment.

This beginning was specially conceived for you. It was made for you and you only. It’s yours and it’s as big as you can imagine it.

There’s no limit to how far this beginning can stretch, but only to how far your mind, body, and feelings can reach.

Open your mind and see. Open your heart and feel. Let this new beginning take over and guide your next steps.

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