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How to do what you love without starving to death

How to do what you love without starving to death is a book that will help you discover the most powerful passion and build a business around it. The book puts a light on the things that are important for building a personal brand in a world where how you connect with people matters the most.

You’ll find practical activities to help you:

  • better organize your time and activities;
  • improve and change your life so you can shift from being an employee to being a freelancer or entrepreneur;
  • learn how to offer value to others through your passions and how to identify those who can benefit from your passions.

But more important than that, you’ll find stories of people who started with almost nothing and were able to build a lifestyle around their passions.

Building a business based on your passions is not easy and it takes time. But if you’ll ever want to do something else than what you’re doing right now and you want that activity to be something you love, then right now may be the perfect time for you to start.

How to do what you love without starving to death - Shift to passion - Book

“I have been working on my dream of being a professional artist all of my life. This book helped me to realize that I have to keep trying and make the commitment to work hard if I want to succeed. David’s book taught me how I can start getting paid for my work, even if it’s not at the level yet where I can live off of it.”
– Machlah Galvão