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The Optimist Box

We’re living in a society where reading is encouraged because society believes that people don’t read as much as they should.

I actually believe people read, and they read waaay too much! People read so much that they get trapped in the process of thinking, which results in more procrastination based on the idea that you know how things are, because you have the information. Therefore, you don’t feel like trying out what you read so you understand it further.

Instead, people should also put into practice what they read. But only a few do that.

It’s not only you, for sure. The books you’re reading should also provide you with the exercises to help you become more practical about the new things you’re learning.

When I started writing books, I set myself two things:

  1. I want to help people;
  2. I want people to be able to help themselves.

That’s why you’ll always find practical exercises when you read the 5 books inside The Optimist Box.

The Optimist Box DTO

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