Examples and tips on how to write product descriptions that sell

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Most of my time is invested in copywriting – it’s my job. Copywriting is the skill that helps you sell through words, and copywriting should also be used when you’re writing descriptions for the products you’re trying to sell. Having in mind that content is king , every product that’s for sell on the Internet

9 things to take into consideration when building your brand

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We live in a time where, if you want people to recognize you, your products or services, you have to start working on your brand. Eventually, the Internet will commoditize everything and in the end everything will be so cheap, people won’t know how to trust the products they will want to buy. And

5 things business people shouldn’t do but they do anyway

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I’m an idealist and I believe that people who are working with other people should have certain behaviors and beliefs. Maybe I see everyone who is working with others as being a leader and that’s where I should balance things a bit in my mindset. At least to match the society’s paradigm and rules. But