Wasting Time? 4 Questions To Help You Understand Why

2020-09-08T14:37:46+03:00By |Business|

Are you chasing perfection? How often are you wasting time in the process of making things perfect? Usually, we are wasting time because we want things to be perfect and it happens because, in most cases, achieving perfection (which is always subjective) will eat more resources than needed. For example, if you want to create

How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell: Examples + Tips

2020-09-14T12:11:17+03:00By |Business|

Most of my time is invested in copywriting – it’s my job – and most people who own a business are interested in learning more about how to write product descriptions. Copywriting is the skill that helps you sell through words, and copywriting should also be used when you’re writing descriptions for the products you’re

Business Purpose Defined Through Concept, Not Product

2020-09-08T14:59:02+03:00By |Business|

Defining the business purpose, for many companies has a lot to do with two things: product and concept. product noun [ C ] US /ˈprɑd·əkt, -ʌkt/ something that is manufactured or grown to be sold, usually in large quantities; a service that customers can buy from a financial organization to invest or save money; something

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