I’m an idealist and I believe that the business people who are working with other people should have certain behaviors and beliefs.

Maybe I see everyone who is working with others as being a leader and that’s where I should balance things a bit in my mindset. At least to match the society’s paradigm and rules.

But I don’t want to do that. I want things to be different. I want to live in a world where people care about people, where people are not selfish and their main belief is not related to how money can increase one’s happiness.

Therefore, here are 5 things that business people do, though I believe they shouldn’t.

1. The continuous development of services and products while ignoring the communication process

I’ve seen lots and lots of companies that are focused on developing the next big product. I’ve seen influencers making the next viral piece of content. I’ve seen entrepreneurs calling out their most trusted people to brainstorm new ways of making more money.

And they succeed. They develop the next big product. They create an amazing piece of content that goes viral. They end up making more money. But those who are investing time and money in what they develop don’t always know what are they buying.

The emotional impact of the selling process is too much emotional-based and too less communication-based. People feel that’s what they need and they buy it, but they don’t actually know why they are buying it.

And as much as I believe those companies, influencers, and entrepreneurs should communicate more truthfully and provide transparent information regarding what they are developing, even more I believe that when they do that, they’re going to lose money.

If your selling process is composed mostly of emotional factors, when you’ll try to sell people something that they really need, you’ll notice how they realize that what’s sold to them is not helping them as much. Simply because that product, piece of content or whatever is developed, is not developed to help people, but to generate money.

2. The exaggerated attention of business people on results while ignoring the people who are delivering the results

I believe leadership is about caring for those who are actually helping you achieve your vision, whatever that vision may be.

Do you want to have a business that is going to be in Forbes 500 in five years from now? Great! Then help the people inside your organization help you achieve your vision.

Do you want to have a great agency that is helping companies deliver trust and impact the world in a positive manner? Great! Then help the people inside your agency help you achieve your vision.

And by help I mean that you should be supportive. You should care about them and treat them like they were your children.

3. The abnormal desire to provide advice and live the lives of others through our advice instead of living our own life

I’ve seen it a million times and I’m going to see it millions more.

People are always able to give advice to people. But when it comes to making a change in their life, people can’t do it.

We are amazing at seeing others’ lives, analyzing and judging them, and then providing an information that would magically change their lives if it’s put into practice.

No shit!?

If we are so good at giving advice, why don’t we analyze our own life and give that advice to us? Simply because it’s easier to live the life of others through the advice we’re giving.

It’s the way of the pseudo-intellectuals to think of themselves as being smart. And they’re too smart to even make the effort to change their lives.

4. The intense focus of business people on selling instead of helping

I have a situation that happened recently and I’m going to give it as an example.

A few days ago, I launched my first online course. And because I wanted to keep doing it (I have a few more topics on which I can create courses) I decided to start working on another one, which is going to be about how to build a website without having any programming skills.

If you want to do that, you need a host (the space where all your website’s files are going to be) and for that host you have to pay a monthly fee.

Well, I was trying to not pay for that and find a hosting company who wants to get involved. So, from their part would be a sponsorship of around 100 euro, even less. Because I only needed it for three months.

When I contacted one of the big hosting companies out there, they said that they are professionals and they can’t offer for free their services. That was funny!

They didn’t even take into consideration that my course can reach thousands and their hosting company is going to be marketed through my course. They only cared about their money and how they can make money right at that moment.

5. The unworthy association between people and their results with a lack of understanding of people’s values, perspectives and backgrounds

People like to punish people. And the easiest way to punish someone is through their results.

If someone in your team didn’t meet their goal with 20 percent, then you punish them for that. And you punish them so hard because you want to make sure they’ll never do the same mistake again.

And you keep punishing or rewarding people based on their results, no matter how good or bad are their results. And you don’t care what happens beyond their results because those results are the only thing that interests you.

People are more than their results.

People have values and if you work with people, you should try to understand their values. People have backgrounds and if you don’t know where your people came from, then you don’t care about them.

More importantly, people have personal lives. Yeah! They have other stuff happening outside their time at your precious office. And either you want it or not, that stuff that’s happening outside their time at your precious office can impact their results, both positively and negatively.

For sure, there are other things that are pissing me off that business people do and I would like to see them change. And the only thing I can do is to make sure those around me, either online or offline, are on the right path.

Would love to know what are the things you think people shouldn’t do, but they do anyway. Share your thoughts below.

With love and optimism,

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