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7 things I use my notebook for

I’ve started writing in 2009 if I remember correctly. But it was 2012 when I started writing intensively. Not necessary in a notebook, but approached writing more seriously.

It all began with my blog and then with my clients for content writing. That was the period I also started experiencing journaling and writing things in notebooks.

The thing is, I have a notebook for different activities. Even more than one for the same type of activity because I find it really useful and I believe it helps me have a better look at my thoughts.

In today’s article, I’m going to share with you 7 things I use my notebooks for and, right after that, you’ll find a whole list with specific stuff you can write in your notebooks.

1. Ideas

Ideas for articles or projects. Anything that can be written in less than 20 words goes here.

2. Journaling

About my struggles, desires, goals, relationships, and so on. It’s sort of a meditation process and it has to do with what I’ve experienced recently and what I’ve learned from that.

3. Business plans

Anything related to plans and goals. In my previous article I was mentioning how I break down the goals I’m setting and my vision for almost all of my goals is up to 3 years.

4. Calendar

Daily or weekly tasks. Simple things I have to do during a day or a week so I can manage my life a little bit better.

5. Self-discovery stuff

For example, a month last winter I wrote down, every day, for the whole month, what I think I love about myself. Going to share with you that list in my next article.

6. Drawing

Helps me express myself through art and my drawings are usually abstract. Also, through drawing I’ve tried new things like logo design.

7. Inspired by books

When I read a book, I highlight everything I consider inspiring. After I finish reading the book, I write the ideas down in a special notebook.

Fun Fact: 0 % More Successful

Did you know that optimistic entrepreneurs have a 30% higher chance of success?

26 things you can write in your notebook

  1. Three important tasks for every day
  2. How you view relationships and what you want out of them
  3. What you want out of your life and what risks are you willing to take
  4. How you react when things get worst
  5. Your strengths and weaknesses
  6. Ten reasons why you’ve chosen this life
  7. Ten things that make you start your day better
  8. People you respect and why you respect them
  9. Describe important concepts like money, relationships and time
  10. Ten situations when you should have said NO instead of YES and vice-versa
  11. Ten things you love about the things you hate
  12. The most important thing you can accomplish to make the world a better place
  13. Ten things people say about you when you’re not in the room
  14. Ten things to improve about yourself
  15. How you want to be in 10 years from now
  16. Three addictions are making your life worst and how you are going to change them into positive habits
  17. Ten places you want to visit
  18. Describe the most powerful limit that holds you back
  19. Ten things that are not working when you try to make your life perfect
  20. Ten skills that you want to learn by the end of your life
  21. The most important thing you can do to improve your financial life
  22. One advice you would give to your 20-year-old and another one you would give to your 40-year-old
  23. Ten simple things that make you smile
  24. Describe the skill that makes you unique
  25. Ten things you hate about people and how are those things making you feel
  26. Describe motivation and how motivation adds value to your life

With love and optimism,

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