4 types of people to help you stay positive

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4 types of people to help you stay positive

People open to change or people who evolve constantly and work for getting the lifestyle they desire are the types of people I want in my life.

Recently, I was talking with a friend about some landing page I created copy for.

It was about public speaking and this friend of mine recommended that I should use phrases and keywords like ‘speaking in front of crowds is paralyzing you?’ or ‘are you shitting your pants when you have to speak on stage?’.

I don’t believe those approaches are positive at all. They’re so negative, they make most people feel something negative even before they start speaking in front of others. And exactly that is what I’m trying to avoid.

Right at that moment, I realized two things:

  • I usually don’t use negative perspectives to make people act or do something;
  • I believe I can make people shift their mindset only with positive information.

Actually, I started thinking about it even more and I was worrying for a bit if my belief affects my business.

I’m a copywriter and most of my work has something to do with writing and with delivering emotions to the reader. And because most of the successful copy out there delivers negative emotions to the reader, I started worrying.

But fuck it!

As much as someone wants to not feel paralyzed while talking in front of people, I believe the same person wants to feel blessed in the same situation.

Moreover, thinking about this made me create a simple list of types of people I want near me for the rest of my life:

  • Passionate people;
  • People willing to evolve constantly and work for getting the lifestyle they desire;
  • People open to change;
  • People who aren’t throwing their shit into my life.

And yes, I believe it is that simple! All I have to do is to keep my mind focused on these types of people.

  • Passionate people
  • People willing to evolve constantly and work for getting the lifestyle they desire
  • People open to change
  • People who aren’t throwing their shit into my life

Passionate people

When I’m talking about passionate people, I’m not talking about only people who know what to do with their lives.

Being passionate, from my point of view, means that you have tremendous energy to put into what you want to do right now, in the present moment. It has nothing to do with wanting to do the same thing three years from now.

Moreover, being passionate is an ongoing project which you’ll have to maintain for the rest of your life.

It’s not like you are passionate now because you’ve found that you like painting and because you are passionate now you’ll be for the rest of your life. You have to make sure your most powerful passion stays with you and is part of your lifestyle by painting as much as you can.

So, I look for people who are not only passionate but who are working hard enough to be passionate.

Types of people willing to evolve constantly and work for getting the lifestyle they desire

Being passionate is not enough because simply having a passion won’t provide you with any safety.

Living the life that you want to live requires a certain income. If your passion can’t provide you with the desired income, you’ll start looking for other activities that will. And just like that, you’ll start focusing more on other things which are not connected to your passions.

Working hard enough to monetize your passion is crucial if you want to have the life you want to live. But if you work hard enough to be passionate, you’ll find ways to make money out of it.

So, I look for people who are strongly focused to make a living out of their passions.

Fun Fact: 0 % Better Pain Resistance

Did you know that optimistic people can endure pain 30% longer?

Types of people open to change

It’s funny how people have always wanted to have a better [______] but most of them are not willing to do anything.

More funny than sad is how people aren’t even willing to open their minds to change. And that’s the first step they have to make. Without it, people can’t change.

If you want to make millions of dollars, you can’t make them if you don’t accept the fact that you can make them. If you want to run a 26 miles (or 42 KM) marathon, you can’t run it if you don’t accept that your body can run that far.

That’s the first step. And people are missing it or judging it sooo badly!

Being capable of setting your mind on the positive side of the road is what I love about people. Because people who are capable of thinking positively are people who are ready to make the change that will help them achieve great things.

So, I look for those types of people with a mindset so positive they can move a mountain.

Types of people who aren’t throwing their shit into my life

I don’t want your shit and in case you want to share, please don’t.

We all have frustrations that we accumulated long ago. And we all are trying to get rid of all our frustrations. But throwing them into someone else’s life won’t bring any change.

Here’s a simple example. Someone who has failed so many times and thinks everything is impossible will tell everyone things are impossible.

If you failed so many times and failure is only what you understood from those situations, then don’t throw your shit into my life.

Here’s another one. Someone who decided to get a job (a shitty one) just because it provides twice as much money compared to the average jobs on the market. But that’s a really stressful job. And when they go back home, they start yelling at their family just to relieve stress.

If you decided to get a job only for money but it stresses your brains out, then don’t throw your shit into my life.

With love and optimism,

What did you learn?

What are some valuable things you learned about types of people that can help you stay positive? 

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