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Life is failure: How does the road to success look like?

Life is failure and it’s made of failure as much as a painting is made of colors.

Most people out there don’t want to fail. But it’s like admiring a painting without noticing its colors.

Most people fail and they are so afraid of the failure they’re going through, that they decide not to ever fail again. But they don’t realize that when you stop failing, you stop living your life.

You see, with every experience you have, there’s failure and there’s success. Yes, you both succeed and fail at the same time. And I’m not talking about the final result of your experience – I’m talking about the experience itself and every step you make inside that experience.

Sometimes, life gets so hard you decide you never want to fail again. In other words, you set yourself that you’re going to embrace your comfort zone. And you’re going to stay there forever.

But the thing is, the more you struggle, the greater you’ll succeed and it feels like life is failure.

The road to success is never a straight line

It’s sad, but most people expect to walk a straight line in order to become successful.

The road to success will never be a straight line.

You’ll have to experience life in order to have success in life. Otherwise, it’s like trying to paint a masterpiece using just a color, with no shade or light/dark spots.

From my point of view, this is how the road to success looks like:

You are the black dot from the left and the success you’re looking for is somewhere in the middle.

For every person on this planet, success is different. But the road, metaphorically speaking, is the same. Nobody walks a straight line and we’re all going to have moments of failure and achievements. As much as that, we’re all going to avoid moments of failure and achievements.

You can’t only fail and you can’t only achieve. But you’re going to feel satisfied if you learn how to deal with failure and how to enjoy your achievements.

Right now, your life may be represented by a green or a red dot. Or you may be right between failure and achievement. It doesn’t really matter.

Instead, what really matters is how you define success and how hard you can focus on that, regardless of what color your dot is.

Fun Fact: 0 % More Productive

Did you know that optimistic team members are 31% more productive?

Most people stop at the first red dot

In our visual representation of the road to success, the first dot is a red one, followed by three green dots and then 5 red dots. I made this randomly.

Most people stop at the first red dot and then they quit.

There are soooooooo many people who decide to follow their passion and they quit so fast it feels like they never tried.

But most people don’t stop because they fail. They stop because of what they and the people in their lives think about their failures. That’s the saddest part.

Most people see failure as the end of something and they treat it like they should end their journey. Instead, failure is more about a pause where you have to take a break and analyze the experience you had up until that point. Then adjust and move on.

Predicting green or red dots

There are people who are trying to predict the next green dot. The smart ones are trying to predict the next red dot too.

But that’s not how life should be lived.

If you’re constantly trying to make everything work (looking for the green dot) or trying to avoid failure (looking for the red dot), then you’ll never build anything remarkable.

Risk it! Make something you believe is good for you and for those around you and embrace whatever comes.

Green dot, red dot, who cares? Life is failure anyway, right?

Well, those who are afraid of failure care. And they care so much, the only skill they improve is advice-giving.

Whatever color your dot is right now, make sure you keep going and stay focused on the blue one. You’ll never get to experience it if you quit.

With love and optimism,

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