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Finding inner peace is underestimated even by the smart ones

I’ve always been looking for ways to improve my mental health by finding inner peace and I’m sure you’ve been too. I mean, who wants to be sad or depressed?

But there’s one thing most people aren’t doing.

People are not trying to become successful happy, they are just trying to become sometimes happy.

The exaggerated effort people put into their careers but not in finding inner peace

Everywhere you’ll look, you’ll see people doing their best in becoming the best consultant, marketer, entrepreneur or whatever. But when it comes to becoming successfully happy, people aren’t even trying.

I know it has always been career over happiness, professional over personal, money over joy, but fuck it! It doesn’t mean you should ignore your inner peace.

So how comes that you spend all your time, energy, and resources on becoming the best in your work environment, but you’re not willing to become successful when it comes to finding inner peace?

They say you have to work for 10 years, day and night, in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Well, happiness is almost identical to entrepreneurship – you need to work for 10 years, day and night, in order to become a successful happy person.

Often, people say to you that you can’t be happy all the time.

And of course, you can’t. Happiness is an emotion and emotions aren’t meant to last forever. Actually, happiness isn’t about being happy all the time but knowing how to trigger happiness when you need it.

Fun Fact: 0 Times More Resilient

Did you know that optimists are 9 times more likely to bounce back from adversity?

The “bullshit” provided by personal development books

When it comes to being happy and finding inner peace, you’ll find all types of information and exercises in personal development books.

Well, that’s all bullshit, isn’t it?

No, it’s not! That’s actually working, but not entirely.

When it comes to reaching happiness or any kind of change, people are doing two mistakes:

  1. They are not trying long enough

I was talking above about how you should invest 10 years into becoming successfully happy. Well, most people are not willing to make an effort for at least 30 days. They find an exercise, do it once or twice, and that’s all.

Well, of course, it ain’t going to work. For fuck’s sake, you’re not going to successfully cook a delicious meal if you’re only trying once or twice.

  1. They are not patient enough to find what’s working for them

Here’s a number: 32.409.543.532.756.435.

You read it because I can’t. But I guess that’s the number of personal development exercises that you can put into practice in order to change something in your life.

Are they all going to work? Hell no!

But that’s life. You’ll have to sort out the things that are working for you and keep only those.

Going back to the bullshit provided by the personal development books, I might say there’s no bullshit. But I believe you when you say it is because you’ve only tried it a few times and you weren’t lucky enough to find the successful ones. That’s how lazy you are.

So, let me clarify things out for you.

If you want to have a decent state of mind and not be depressed all the time, keep trying. But try until you find what you are looking for. Otherwise, you are just wasting time.

With love and optimism,

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