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You are that something special you are looking for

Inspiration, man! It’s gotta be something special…

They say it’s always there when you need it. It’s always there for you and all you need to do is start working. Like it’s that easy …

I mean, how? If I start writing the title of an article, what should I do next?

Write words just like that? And let’s say I write the title and one paragraph. Nobody reads just one paragraph …

How should inspiration help me write a valuable article, composed of a title, introduction, body, and conclusion? Moreover, how should inspiration help me write an article so good it impacts you?

Have you ever tried it?

The inspiration is there, you just have to start working.

There’s always time, you just have to organize it.

Every change starts with you.

Your success depends on every little step you make.


Fun Fact: 0 % Less Stress

Did you know that optimists experience 77% less stress in daily life?

I’m sure you’ve heard all these powerful and impactful words before, but have you tried it?

How many times have you taken a pen and start writing without knowing what to write? How many times have you started to do the math of all the time you invest in your activities? How many times have you changed something at your lifestyle and then inspire others with your change?

Stop whining and do something about it!

Do something for the inspiration to come, the time to exist, and the success to be yours. Do something for getting what you want. Otherwise, if you’ll wait, you’ll get only expectations.

For every second you wait you create expectations that will never become true. The dream that you have since you were a child will remain an expectation. You think you need something special (God knows what) in order to make your dream come true.

Maybe you need to finish your studies. And after that, you may need a job. And after that, you may need a high-paid position in that company. And after that, you may need context. And after that, you may need time.

After you’ll get time, you will realize you are in your 70s and your teenage dream is still in a teenager’s mind who thought that something special is needed.

You are that something special

You’ll finish your studies. You’ll have your high-paid job. The time will come. Not the time when you’ll see your dream come true. But the time when you’ll regret you’ve waited that long.

Actually, that something special happened a long time ago.

It happened when your mother gave you birth. You are the only thing you need in order to accomplish your biggest dreams.

You are responsible for your dreams. You and nobody else!

With love and optimism,

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