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We are the lucky ones and we should realize that

This present moment, this very second, is the most important moment because we are the lucky ones.

It is what you have and it’s the only thing you have. Everything else is part of your past and it represents just a connection to your present. Nothing more.

This present that you have right now, can always go away. Can always become better or worse. Can always be shared or spent alone.

The dynamic factor of the present moment is what makes it so precious and, at the same time, so dangerously desired. Because we all want to have everything in the present moment. We want to be rich, we want to be knowledgeable.

Instead, we should cherish the present moment with what it can offer, not with what we expect to have in the present moment.

Be aware of the things you have and the things you think you should have

You think you know what you have but you don’t know that we are the lucky ones.

But all you know is only the things you are conscious about. And you can’t be conscious of everything – otherwise your subconscious would have no use.

You know you have a laptop, computer, or smartphone, because that’s how you are reading this text right now. You know you have clothes, because you are actually wearing them. And the list can go on. But where does it stop? Where do you stop becoming conscious of the things you have?

This is a question I’ve been pondering on lately and it’s been helping me realize that, most of the time, I’m blind.

You don’t believe we are the lucky ones? Though the world is a dangerous place, I’m living in a safe environment. Though there were moments when money was tight, I’ve always had food to eat and was able to do most of the things I’ve wanted to do.

Being aware of what we have is difficult. But as difficult as it is, it is important too. And just as important is being aware of the things you think you should have.

For such a long time I believed that I needed to live in another city. And I wanted it so badly that I was so close to moving to a city where I had to pay rent, spend more money on food, spend more time getting from one place to another, and so on. I wanted it only because of a few things that I don’t have in my current city.

And I’ve realized that the more I want to move to another city, the more I’ll lose access to the things I have and need. For example, when I go for a run, I have a park where I can run less than 200 meters away from me. When I want to buy food, I don’t have to walk more than 5 minutes to buy some.

What I’m trying to say is that living a life where I’m at peace with myself doesn’t require many things. And I’ve got most of the things I need right where I am right now. If you are like me, I believe we are the lucky ones.

Fun Fact: 0 % Sleep Better

Did you know that optimists have 15% better sleep quality?

Become conscious of your past efforts, but don’t limit yourself to your present results

Don’t be focused on your results, but on what you are becoming. This way, you’ll be able to love yourself more and become conscious of your evolution without connecting it to some number or achievement.

I believe it’s important to know yourself.

Knowing yourself is what gives you clarity in the most important moment: the present. When you know yourself, you know your strengths and weaknesses, you know what you can and cannot do, where your limits are and how to overcome them.

For such a long time I wasn’t able to get clients and have a decent income. And because of that, I had no results. And because I was having no results, I wasn’t able to trust myself and eventually I lost most of my confidence.

I knew I was great at what I was doing, but the results from that time were telling me a different story.

I had to struggle and put in tremendous amounts of effort to get back on track. During that process, I had to give up some beliefs and acquire new ones. It was hard, but I realized that who I am is sometimes different than what my results are.

With love and optimism,

What did you learn?

What are some valuable things you learned about being one of the lucky ones? 

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