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Stop doubting yourself. Doubt is just wasted time!

Stop doubting yourself and do the things you want to do.

Stop thinking if what you want to do is good or bad, worth it or not, this or that. Just do the things you want to do in the present moment and you’ll connect the dots in the future.

In December 2019, I printed 1250 books (5 different books, all printed in 250 copies) with the purpose of strengthening my personal brand. It didn’t happen. Since 3 years ago, nothing major has changed and I still have around 700 books.

Does that mean that I should doubt myself?

Well, I could, but that’s not too healthy.

In fact, I know it’s not healthy because I did it in the past. Two years after I printed the books, I wanted to donate everything I had left because what I wanted to do wasn’t working. That would have been a bad move.

All these books contain my ideas and I poured my heart into writing them. Giving them away just like that, simply because something wasn’t working, would have been a bad move.

Instead, I decided to wait.

I decided to go back to the initial plan and think about the reasons why I printed all the books.

For sure, I would have liked to give and sell them faster, but it didn’t happen. It doesn’t mean I should donate them. At least not all of them at once, for no reason.

Be excited about the future

There are billions of dots in our past that we get the chance to connect to our present. But we don’t. We only get to connect a few.

Printing 1250 books is one of my dots and it’s that kind of dot that still has no connection to the present moment. But I’m sure I’ll manage to connect it to something, somewhere in the future.

Most of the important dots from my past have a clear connection to the present moment.

Quitting school and deciding to focus on being a freelancer.

Making some difficult decisions about my income and clients.

Running marathons. Writing books. Doing cold showers. Speaking in front of people.

All these activities and events from the past are strongly connected to the present moment and who I am.

But printing those books is not one of these dots and it makes me excited about the future.

I can’t wait to discover and live the moment when I’ll finally understand the purpose of my printed books. Can’t wait!

Whatever that moment will be, I’ll be waiting for it with open arms. And, from my point of view, that’s the healthy way of approaching whatever is making you doubt yourself.

Fun Fact: 0 % More Job Satisfaction

Did you know that optimists report 37% higher job satisfaction?

Stay strong and don’t give up

Whatever you’re doing right now, don’t give up. Stop doubting yourself and don’t give up.

You may have doubts because things aren’t going according to your expectations. That’s fine. It’s all right to have some obstacles along the way. Even more, it’s fine to feel like a failure or like the world is against you. That’s fine.

Just don’t get stuck there.

Focus on your future and realize that things can’t stay the way they are forever. Things will change because you will change.

After all, that’s the only constant we know: change.

Stop doubting yourself. Focus on what you want in life and let life manifest. You’ll get there.

With love and optimism,

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